5 Best Flavored Lipsticks Review


5 Best Flavored Lipsticks Review

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If you are makeup lover then you surely must understand the importance of flavors in makeup. Of course we never taste our makeup but the fancy flavored fragrance can make you a happy person while makeup application.

In all the makeup, what comes closer to our nose is either almost flavorless foundations & powders or the lip makeup products.

Lipsticks often have flavors like strawberry, fruity, vanilla, floral, bubblegum etc and that is definitely way more pleasing than the typical jelly or cosmetic flavored ones. I literally hate the typical cosmetic feel to my lipsticks. When we talk about these flavors there lies a huge rarity of these tasting similar to what they smell like and often women even get bothered by strong flavors/fragrances.

There are few lipsticks which have just the best kind of flavor which is never strong enough to bother instead are very delightful. Today I shall share with you all five best flavored lipsticks.

Have a look.

Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks



Price: INR 299

Net Wt: 3.6 gm

These lipsticks were hugely appreciated for the amazing texture and lip colors’ range offered. These were certainly total value for money but what made my experience with these lipsticks all the more gleeful was the yummy bubblegum fragrance. It always reminded of bubble gums of what I as a child was a huge fan. People who are not much into bubblegum flavors need not be bothered since it stays just for a while and alter vanishes.

MAC Lipsticks


MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick

Price: INR 1450

Net Wt: 3 gm

MAC needs no introduction. Despite of the regular price hikes, MAC’s loyal fan following stand by their side, after all MAC is MAC. We is always known MAC lippies for their amazing quality but do your guys remember its lipsticks’ flavor. Guess… the one who guesses receives no award, since everybody knows it. It is the evergreen flavor of vanilla.

Lakme Creaseless Lipsticks


lakme creaseless lip shades

Price: INR 450

Net Wt: 3.5 gm

Ira recently reviewed fourteen beautiful shades of these new launches by Lakme. These lipsticks surprisingly stood by their claims of being “Creaseless” and was worth every penny. Not much was known about its flavor but at wiseshe we always are a step ahead, since Ira reviewed all of these she firmly says that these have some fruity bubblegum kinds of flavors which are will give a feel of sheer bliss while applying these yum flavored smooth lipsticks.

Milani Colorstatement Lipstick Plumrose 



Price: $5.99

Net Wt: 4 gm

Milani lipsticks are one of its kinds, these come in a fabulous packaging, great color variety, amazing quality and the fresh watermelon fragrance. These high quality very economically priced lipsticks have the fruity essence of fresh watermelons that is very obvious and is not mild t enough to be ignored.

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks


colorbar matte touch lipsticks pictures

Price: INR 475

Net Wt: 4.2g

Another hit from our wiseshe lipstick review collection. Colorbar over the years have not failed to impress us and these lipsticks are a super bet for the matte lovers running on a budget. The flavor that these lipsticks have is a little mixed, but the strong vanilla fragrance takes over the charge. Vanilla lovers will certainly dig in this lipstick for the amazing flavor.

These were some fabulous lipsticks which have amazing flavors that we all love.

Which is your favorite lipstick among these?

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