5 Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair


5 Best Hair Oils For Dry Hair

A good hair day is nothing but a bliss in every woman’s life. It makes you fall in love with yourself. As if you are the happiest person in the world and outgoing. There are so many of us who skip going out on bad hair days until it is very important and ask them on the good hair days and they will be ready for anything that involves flaunting there mane.

Well, hair care is not a child’s play and if you dare to neglect the basic hair care regime, you are going to seriously repent that. Oiling is by far one of the best ways to keep your hair nourished deeply strengthening the hair follicles thereby improving circulation.

Oil Your Hair

Well, scalp massage with a hair oil is really relaxing and works wonders for the dry, rough frizzy hair and tames the tangled locks like anything. But you simply cannot use any oil for your scalp as the wrong oil will create further issues with your hair. So here is an extensive list of 5 best hair oils for dry hair. Read on about these and pick your one

Fab India Rejuvenating Hair Oil


It is a thorough mix of many essential hair oil types, like coconut oil, bhringraj oil etc and it is great for getting life back to the dull lifeless dry hair. It keeps the scalp nourished and provides essential hydration to the hair strands to make them manageable and  frizz free.

Patanjali Tejas Pure Coconut Oil

baba ramdev products coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great hair conditioner and treats flaky skin which is caused by dry scalp or a fungal /yest condition like seborrhea dermatitis, coconut oil helps because it is a great moisturizer.Best way to use coconut oil is leave it overnight. Coconut oil helps in re-growth of damaged hair as it provides excellent proteins to nourish damaged hair.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil prevents dandruff by eliminating microbial infections of the scalp. Also, massaging of hair & scalp with a proper nutrient hair oil gives additional nutrition to the scalp and prevents hair loss. Since rough and dry scalp is more prone to dandruff issues so this oil is more suited for those who have dry frizzy hair locks.

Farell Pure Olive Oil

Farrell - Pure Olive Oil review+olive oil to massage baby

Farrell Pure olive oil is a magical oil that has fat composition very similar to human skin. It rarely causes allergic irritations. It is also pure and unmixed with any other substance. The oil is often used on baby skin because it is really gentle and promotes the growth of hair by promoting circulation. A scalp massage with pure olive oil twice a week will make you fall in love with your hair!

Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame Oil

forrest essential sesame oil

The oil is light yellow in color and has a thick consistency. The fragrance of this oil is similar to that of nuts. Sesame oil is regarded as one of the best oils for massage. It has high lecithin content renowned for mood elevation, and is extremely nutrient rich for nourishing and toning the skin. The intensive nourishment provided by this virgin oil is commendable and those who have dry hair can b=notice the difference in hair texture within 4-5 uses.

I hope you like these suggestions. Which one is your favorite oil?

Have you tried these oils for dry hair?

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