5 Best Hairstyles Which Rachel McAdams Rocked


5 Best Hairstyles Which Rachel McAdams Rocked

Rachel McAdams is famous to how to wear her hair for sassy and classy look and she rocked nearly every look. Here are 5 Best hairstyles which Rachel McAdams rocked.

Braided Ponytails


Rachel McAdams rocked at the Sherlock Holmes premiere with sexist braided ponytails hairstyle. For recreating this look, all you need is shoulder-length hair or longer. Part hair in an L shape four inches back from the hairline, like our model. Create a ponytail in back so you can French-braid the front. Braid three pieces and take in more hair with each weave. It’s French if the braid is attached to your scalp with each stitch, like this. Keep weaving your hair into a French braid along the hairline. Transition it to a normal braid when you reach the top of your ear. Wrap the braid around the pony and pin. Next, cheat a thicker base. Make a new braid using a bit of hair from the underside of the ponytail. Wrap that braid around the base of the pony to cover the elastic.

Short and Curly Bob

Curly Bob hair

Rachel McAdams’s chick short curly bob frames her face with soft and flattering side swept bang that draw attention to her noticeable cheekbones. She rocked her natural curly hair in this bob style. This short cool hairstyle is a good choice if you want to soften your facial features and this go well for women of any age. To recreate this look, you can use a curling iron, clip less wand or hot rollers. There’s plenty of different ways to curl, so find whatever tool you’re comfortable working with to achieve the desired look.

Long blonde bob haircut

long bob haircut

A long blunt bob parted down the middle is classically gorgeous. This gorgeous hair style of Rachel McAdam’s scream sex appeal and Rachel’s bright blond color gives her a youthful glow. This bob has blunt end, which adds thickness to her fine hair cut to the same length. A flatiron is a key to making her shorter layers look smooth and sleek. This style is perfect way to grab some attention, if you are feeling overlooked or bored.

Messy-Chic Bun

Bun hairstyle

Rachel went for a more formal look with this messy-chic updo at the red-carpet premiere of her movie Morning Glory. This look can be recreated by with a few bobby pins or with an elastic band, just pull all your hair together and to tie it up securely on top of your head then leave two small sections on the sides of your face you can either straighten them or even curl them.

Medium-Length Golden-Blond Hairstyle

golden hairstyle

Rachel’s color is total perfection, and her center part adds a sultry touch. This hairstyle is quite versatile, since it allows her to have a stunning look with less styling effort. These long layers scream sex appeal and Rachel’s bright blond color gives her a youthful glow. The magic medium textured hairstyle is of super fashion. This luscious medium version has slight textured hair ends. This gorgeous hairstyle with sexy allure looks natural and is great for an active outdoors.

Which of these hairstyles do you like the most on her?

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  1. I love this beauty and I so loved her in The Vow…she is definitely a gorgeous actress with fabulous style!

    Nice post Monica! :yes:


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