5 Best Kabuki Brushes Reviewed


Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush

  • Packaging: The brush comes in a reusable pouch. The brush itself has 2 sections: the base/body and the lid. Its quite easy to use and risk to the bristles is nil. The entire thing is quite sleek and easy to slip into your makeup pouch, thus making it very easy to carry around.
  • Price: Approx. $8
  • Bristle Texture: The bristles are baby soft..Seriously..it literally feels like someone sneaked into a parlor and stole baby hair and came back and used it in a brush! What I like best about this is that it doesn’t soak up the product unnecessarily. I have used it even to apply foundation and it still works perfectly fine.

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Claire’s Cosmetics Kabuki Brush 

  • Price: Rs. 500 (Rs. 350 Discounted Price)
  • Packaging: The brush comes in a clear transparent package. Nothing really fancy. It has the price tag on it.
  • The Brush: Since most of us know that a Kabuki brush is used for, let’s get into its meaning once again for those who are beginners in makeup or are not aware of the brush’s uses. A Kabuki brush is basically used to apply dry and powder based makeup products mainly mineral makeup, loose powders and bronzers on the face.
  • Bristles: The bristles are densely packed in a compact small leopard print handle. They feel very smooth and light on face. I have not washed it yet so there has been no bristles fall out till now.
  • Brush Handle: Claire’s again had a variety for the prints and colors for the brush but I gravitated towards my favorite animal print. The handle is usual like in most kabuki brush – small and thick.

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Bourjois Powder Kabuki

  • Price: INR550
  • Bristle Texture: The bristles are soft but firm..not fluffy like most powder brushes. This is why I like using this to apply bronzer as well..It hleps blend out the color well without leaving any sharp lines.
  • Bristle Quality (Bleeding & Shedding): It didn’t bleed at all! It did shed a bit in the first 2 washes but since then it hasn’t lost any bristles since.
  • Washing & Drying: Takes about 1day to dry completely.
  • Handling: The kabuki is as normal short handled…or rathe..stubby handled and is easy to use and buff around.

Kabuki brush best india

Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush

  • Dimensions: Synthetic Bristles 1.50″ (3.80 cm) | Ferrule: 0.88″ (2.20 cm)
  • Price: $4.99 (plus extra shipping charges)

I can’t tell you how much I lurrrve this brush! Powder application has never been easier and it is the perfect size to tote around in my handbag or travel makeup kit. Considering how bright the tone of pink is, I was expecting the color to bleed atleast during the first wash but the color didn’t budge. The bristles are super soft and after using this, I simply don’t want to use a compact sponge/ puff again. The price is almost unbelievable for a brush of this quality but the shipping charge is a huge dampener here. Struggle I also feel this would make a cute gift…now, if only it came in a pretty pouch as well. But alas…we can’t have it all, can we? Wink Nevertheless, I’d absolutely, completely, totally recommend this

kabui brush MAC

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 Brush 

I have used some of the drugstore brands like Lakme and Maybelline blush with this and the way its bristles picks up the blush is fantastic.As out drugstore blushes are not much pigmented it works pretty good but with high end brands like Illasmasqua, MAC or Bobby Brown one needs to use light hand as bristles do tend to pick up little extra product than what is required.

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