5 Best Kryolan Products


5 Best Kryolan Products


Kryolan is a makeup master. Their range is so big and almost every product is a winner. It is great to have such nicely working products. The biggest glitch is availability when it comes to Kryolan. But if you can get hands on them, do check them out for sure. Some amazing products from Kryolan are listed here (I’ve kept TV paint stick out as it is so famous already).

Kryolan Premium Lining Brush 9502

Price- INR 350


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It is a very good brush. The bristles are soft on your eyelids. It doesn’t bleed, shed. It has optimum bristles that gives a perfect crisp line every time. It can be used to draw both thick and fine lines. The brush is easy to clean. This soft and gentle brush can also be used to line lips.

Kryolan Blush R6

Price- INR 350


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The blush is a matte pink shade with strong red undertones. It may look different on you depending on your skin tone. The blush is soft and well pigmented. It is not insanely pigmented that you would have difficulty applying such a bold color though. It’s the kind of blush which has to be built up gradually as per your convenience. This blush stays on skin for about 4-5hrs when applied lightly.

Kryolan Invisible Matt Matting Cream

Price- INR 400


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The consistency of this product is creamy, not too thick or runny . This primer has the feel of a moisturizer. Upon application and spreading, it glides on easily then you will notice that it starts to become sticky, which is the sign that it’s about to settle on your skin. It doesn’t become sticky or turns your face sticky. Let it dry for 2 mins. then you can apply the foundation on your face. It takes some time for primer to totally settle on your face. After it settles, your skin looks dewy. This product keeps skin hydrated and moisturized. The face looks same after 8 or 9 hours.

Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Crème

Price- INR 350


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It is an orange based corrector meant to cover spots and dark circles. The range has many shades to match your skin tone. It does a fair job on correcting. The corrector is creamy, spreads well if using a brush. It makes marks lighter and aslo hides other discoloration. All you have to do is to take a little product and pat it to the skin lightly. Then use foundation or concealer. It stays on skin for 5 hours. It doesn’t breaks out. If used correctly it will not look cakey.

Kryolan Derma Color Fixing Powder

Price- INR 400


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It has 12 shades. It is a very light powder that has a matte finish. It absorbs the excess oil on face and makes it look fresh and glowing. Face looks more natural, less shiny and the effect lasts all day. There is no need to touch up once, not even T-zone. It goes on smoothly, does not accentuate any pores.

Have you tried any of these Kryolan products?

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  1. Oh tnk u so much maitri…m actually thnkng of buyng sme krylon,products for my frnd weddng..nd ur post helps me a lot…

  2. I got the TV paint stick, camouflage cream and the loose prefer from kryolan’s range(comes in sliver packaging) and the blushes. So yes I LOVE kryolan. It’s never let me down.the shades collection is exhaustive and very Indian.

  3. I have done a mini haul from Kryolan recently and fixing powder is one of the products :).
    And as per your good quality palette suggestion Ana, I have got the Kryolan Derma Color palette ;).
    Thanks a bunch honey 🙂


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