5 Best Lip Liners Available In India


5 Best Lip Liners Available In India

You need lip liners if you want well-defined lips. Lip liners extend the life of lipsticks on lips. Many lip liners can also be used as lip colours owing to their fantastic texture. There are many good lip liners available in our country and here are top five of them-

Max Factor Elixir Lip Liner


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Price- INR 460

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It effectively runs over the lips as well as the perimeter of the lips. The soft texture makes its application very easy, especially if you apply a lip balm underneath. It doesn’t transfer like other lip colours and keeps the lips intact with the shade. You won’t feel any dryness. The best part of it is that, it gives an amazing matte effect to the lips. If you don’t like shimmer, you can definitely try it as your lip colour in matte effect. It is super pigmented and also water proof.

MAC Lip Liner


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Price- INR 1100

It has super soft creamy texture, layers beautifully and evenly without any tugging or pulling. If you fill lips with lip liners and then this soft pencil and serves the purpose, it never dries lips due to creamy texture. It is gorgeously pigmented and needs a little bit of layering to get opaque finish. It covers every bit of corners with least bit of efforts.  It stays easily for 5 – 6 hrs and if paired with lipstick it extends the wear time by few hrs.

NYX Lip Liner Pencil


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Price- INR 295

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The lip liner comes in a simple wooden black pencil with a cap that shuts tight and has to be sharpened. The color of the shade is marked at the end of the pencil, which makes it easier to select if one has more than one of these pencils. The pencil is not hard and glides smoothly on lips. Most of these lip liners are well pigmented and extend the wear-time of lipsticks.

Colorbar Lip Pencil


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Price- INR 399

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The texture is creamy enough but if you happen to apply more pressure it breaks. The pigmentation is good; one swipe will give you enough color to line the lips. Since the lip liner is really matte, you need to have a lip balm beneath if you’re applying it as a lip color. Colorbar Lip Liner comes in a simple retractable pencil form with a colored base to identify the shade in case you own many of them.

Bourjois Paris Lip Liner


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Price- INR 399

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It’s a true matte yet not overtly drying to lips. It glides like a charm without pulling or tugging during application, but you need to exfoliate lips for a warm and neater finish. it’s quite easy to touch-up and doesn’t feel heavy or layered. It has amazing pigmentation. Just one-two swipes and you get the shade. Alone it stays for about 4-5hrs and topping up lipstick adds 2-3 hrs further.

Which is your favorite lip liner?

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