5 Best Makeup Tips Of Deepika Padukone


5 Best Makeup Tips Of Deepika Padukone

The sexy leggy lassie makes us swoon every time she makes an appearance on or off screen. The heart throb of many men, she never fails to impress the women either.

From those stunning dresses to perky lip shades or smoky eyes, from chignon buns and curls to that neat braid or a messy ponytail, everything looks so gorgeous and perfect on her.


Makeup Tips Of Deepika Padukone


So in today’s post, we are dishing out some of Deepika Padukone’s makeup mantras for you all.

For Eyes

She loves light colored eye shadows that pops up her eyes complemented with strokes of liner on upper lash line and mascara. She loves light shades of brown and taupe for everyday look. But that doesn’t mean that she is not fond of dramatic eyes. She goes for smoky dark eyes depending upon the occasion. Her favorite eye makeup is:
Applying a medium brown shade on the lid and darker taupe or slight shimmery brown or charcoal shades in a sideways “V” shape on the outer edges of the eye.

Tip:- Curl your lashes and apply mascara, always. Any makeup looks incomplete without mascara.


EyeMakeup Tips Deepika Padukone


For Lips

She again chooses her lip colors depending on the occasion she is getting ready for. She loves pretty peachy nudes and also bold flush of colors. She looks a glam doll in every look she sports. She loves to go for peachy-browns for morning and everyday look in general. Funky fuchsia and bold red lips are her favorite too.

For Base

She is not fond of heavy bases unless it is some occasion. For regular use she chooses a tinted moisturizer.


She believes that the purpose of makeup is to look like you have none on. She chooses blush that just adds natural flush of color. She even loves bronzers for that sultry sun-kissed look. Ginger-bronze blushes are her favorite.


makeup secrets of Deepika Padukone


Contouring and highlighting

She thinks contouring and highlighting are very essential as they balance the whole look. They add edge.

On a fun day with friends?
Jeans and a medium fitted top. Makeup will be all natural. Sunscreen, neutral toned tinted moisturizer, kohl, lip balm or a peachy nude lipstick.

On a hot date?
She knows she is too hot to handle. For a date, she chooses simple dress and simple makeup, and just let her eyes talk. Yes, she would love to go for smoky eyes on her special date with that special person.


Deepika Padukone best makeup tips


With a LBD?
When going out in a little black dress, she would like to pair it with minimal accessories and matte vibrant red lips or with smoky eyes and nude lips. For a loud lip look, keep the rest of your makeup understated and simple.

Deepika Padukone style secrets


In saree?
She loves wearing saree, and she is even capable of making her saree look fun and perky. She is one lady who made a messy pony look so gorgeous with saree. When in saree, she prefers a winged liner look or to accentuate her eyes with kohl and mascara and nude-brown lips.


Deepika Padukone favorite makeup tips


A whiff of fresh air as Deepika is, she has definitely made her place in the glamour world. She is strong, someone who makes up her own mind, and has motivation within herself. I just love how effortlessly beautiful she looks.

Did you like these makeup tips of Deepika Padukone?

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