5 Best Monsoon Hairstyles


5 Best Monsoon Hairstyles


I hope that you girls are enjoying the scanty monsoon. Whether scanty or plenty, monsoon comes with its own set of problems. Rains are enemies of makeup and hairstyles. The sticky feeling does not let anything stay in place.

Ayushi shared some awesome monsoon makeup tips with you and this is the time for some monsoon hair-styling tips. You don’t want to use a lot of products on your hair in rainy season. Taking good care of your hair is a lot more important during monsoons. Also the hairstyle should be simple.

Here are 5 pretty and easy hairstyles that you can sport in the wet season-



best monsoon hairstyles
This is the simplest hairstyle for monsoons. Most of us face the problem of frizzy hair in rains but the disadvantage can be reversed. Simply make a few loose curls and leave your hair open. Open hair dries up easily if it gets wet. This tousled look is suitable for almost every occasion.



easy monsoon hairstyles
Another simple and quick hairstyle. A ponytail can be sported in many ways. If your hair has become limp, tie a sleek pony. You can also scrunch the ends for a better look.

If you want more style then simply bring your hair to one side and tie them with a cute scrunchie. You can leave some strands loose.


rainy season hairstyles



easy rainy season hairstyles
If you don’t want the sweaty and sticky feeling then go for stylish buns. Tie a sleek or messy bun. You can also make a French twist and make it stylish like this hairdo in the picture. Add simple accessories that don’t get destroyed by water.



kim kardashian hairstyles braid
The flavour of the season, braids are always In. Tie them in any way you like. There are so many ways to tie a braid that you will never get bored.

Something Different


monsoon hairstyles

This one is a cute way to style wet hair. I like this simple take on the half up-half down hairstyle. Your hair will look stylish and also will not bother you. Moreover it will be tied and still dry quickly.

Which is your favorite hair style?

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  1. Braids are my go to – will try the updo – can never manage one πŸ˜› Need the spray and all that stuff – might try gatsby … Great post

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