5 Best Natural Eye Pads For Puffy Eyes


5 Best Natural Eye Pads For Puffy Eyes


Eyes speak beauty in one’s face. Slightest dullness or tiredness gets reflected in the eyes. And eventually gets the area around the eyes to look bad. Dark circles, skin sagginess, fine lines and wrinkles appear first near the area around the eyes.

To bring back the life in the skin, there are several simple home remedies that can be followed easily. One of the easiest and most believed methods is using eye pads.

Eye pads help cool the skin around eyes and also relaxes the strained eyes. Here are 5 natural eye pads that can be easily used.

Potato Slice

Potatoes are the natural means of treating the tired dark eyes. They work like magic on the under eye darkness and wrinkles around eyes. The starch in potatoes are anti-inflammatory, thus it is helpful in reducing puffy eyes. It reduces the irritations if any due to inflammation.


potato for under eyes


Just cut a thin circular slice of raw potato. Press it against your closed eyes. Keep it so in a lying down position. Stay for at least 15 minutes before washing.

Tomato Slice

Tomato is another miracle ingredient occurring naturally and easily to all. The juice that oozes out when you cut open a tomato into half has lot of things which can be used to arrive at a clear skin.


tomato for under eyes


The Vitamin C present in tomato is the main component that reduces dark under eye spots and nourishes the skin to great health. Dab some tomato juice around your eyes regularly. This will give you a visible difference.

Alternatively you can make your own eye pad with a thin slice of tomato. Lie down and place the slice on your eyes and take a nap for a while.

Cucumber Slice

Today’s world is the world of computer and other electronic gadgets. Continuously staring at the screens makes the eyes irritated and tired. The tiredness ultimately results in dark circles. The damage caused to the eyes due to late night and extended time staring at the computer screen can be easily treated by cucumber slices.


cuucmber for under eyes


The cooling property it has shrinks the blood vessels and thus reduces the puffiness of the eyes. It also soothes the skin around the eyes.

Strawberry Slice

Strawberries have astringent like property in them. This is helpful in reducing the puffy eyes. The vitamin C in strawberry helps in regenerating the skin cells.


Strawberry natural home remedies


This berry fruit is equivalent to cucumber in cooling the irritated eyes. Thus berry makes eye very happy!!!

Kiwi Slice

How different is kiwi from strawberry in its acidic property? More or less the same tangy flavour with high levels of vitamin c and k. This is the solution for dark circles and eye bags.

Make thin slices of kiwi and place the slice around the skin near you eyes. You may also use these slices throughout your face. It evens out the skin tone.


kiwi skin benefits


These were the 5 best naturally occurring eye pads to treat eye bags, puffiness and dark circles.

Have you tried any of the naturally occurring eye pads?

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  1. i love potatoes on eyes…instead of cutting thin circular slices, i grate them, place on a thin cotton pad and then on my tired eyes…they work wonders…

  2. Tomato one sounds interesting. 🙂 As for strawberry n kiwi, i wud find it super hard to resist eatin them 😀 Nice post Chand :yes:

  3. Lovely post Chandni…although I am not sure about the cucumber & tomato slices but the kiwi & strawberry slices will naturally reach out for my mouth before applying on my eyes..! :-p 😉


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