5 Best Natural Scrub Granules


5 Best Natural Scrub Granules


I never miss scrubbing when it is time for. Exfoliating is the only method I can think of removing the dry flakes on my skin. I hate them. I do exfoliating at strict regular intervals.

Even then, I have to make sure that I am not tearing off my already dry skin.

So, with great care I have short listed few of the mild natural ingredients that I use as scrubbing granules.

Whenever I want a scrub granule, these are the ones I turn towards always. The best part is, these are easily available kitchen ingredients, always in stock with me and no adverse effect on my skin. Moreover, they are all mild and soft on my skin.

How should a scrub or scrub granule be?

  • If you ask me, extra care has to be taken in selecting the exfoliating granules that is to be added into to the creamy base.
  • Foremost of all, the scrubbing granules should not have sharp edges.
  • Circular granules are the best ones to be included in a exfoliating product.
  • The granules have to be as tiny as possible.
  • Even if they are hard stiff edged granules, they have to move towards softness when rubbed on the skin.
  • The job of the scrub particles is to remove only the unwanted dirt, black head, dry skin fakes.
  • The best feature of a scrub granule is getting dissolved as it is being massaged/ rubbed on the skin.

Very few items suffices all these qualifications to make a perfect dry skin scrub

Here are my few favourite scrubbing granules directly from the kitchen drawers/shelves.

Poppy Seeds:

Poppy Seeds have been my all time favourite when it comes to skin care. Since they are perfectly circular in nature, they don’t harm the skin. And scrubbing with these circular beads is fun. And the end result is great too.


poppy seeds skin scrub


Read two DIY methods using poppy seeds here and here.

Coarse Semolina:

Semolina is a multipurpose ingredient. It gets itself into baby recipes, sweet pie recipes, upma recipe, idli-dosa, halwa, whatever you decide to do today. And not to miss the beauty skin care recipes too. The fine semolina easily makes a base for a face pack, whereas the coarse ones make a perfect scrub product.

Coarse semolina seems to have sharp edges. But when wet, they lose their sharpness and are as soft as possible.


semolina natural skin scrub


Read fine semolina face pack recipe here.


Ever since I have found this magical sweetener, I am stuck to this. It is extremely sweet in taste and a tiny quantity will replace the regular sugarquantity. Truvia has many health benefits. Lets skip that for now.

As a scrub, there can be no match with this one. It begins to dissolve when rubbed on the skin with circular massaging motion. And then finally gets blended with the base cream along with which it was mixed.


truvia skin scrub particles


So, this actually controls the time of scrubbing the skin. When it is dissolved, you might want to stop scrubbing.

Cardamom powder:

This is a perfect product for aromatic scrubbing of the skin. Cardamom also fights impurities, infections, irritations if any. Thus helps in achieving clear glowing skin.


cardamon skin care


Desiccated/Grated Coconut:

Coconuts have great aroma. Some like, some don’t. The grated coconut or the readymade desiccated coconut makes an excellent skin care product. They can be easily used as a scrubbing product. They have the moisturizing capacity too. Oily skin people might find it best to avoid, but for a dry skin the moisturizing that the coconut provides is a great treat.


coconut skin care


Read body scrub recipe from grated coconut here.

Which is your favourite natural scrub granule?

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  1. i usually use rice powder, coffee grounds and sugar for ex-foliation…!!..
    going to try the poppy seeds tomorrow 😀

  2. Interestingly tho I love natural scrubs, have not tried any of dese 😉 Thanks for the post Chandni.. 🙂 will start trying dese soon…

  3. Interesting post Chandni..I use rice powder & brown sugar mostly for scrubbing my skin…! never tried grated coconut & semolina…will try these soon..! 🙂 great post ya :yes:


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