5 Best Places To Buy Coconut Oil For Hair


5 Best Places To Buy Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil is profusely used for both cooking and health & beauty uses! Coconut oil is extremely rich in vitamin and essential nutrients which is great for the body and the hair as well. It is commonly preferred to be used as a hair oil for deep nourishment in major parts of the country. In the southern part of India it is widely used for cooking purposes as it is cultivated on a large scale in the coastal parts of the country.

coconut oil for skin and hair

There are so many well know brands which produce Coconut oil on a large scale in industries so here I will list down some best places where you can get the purest coconut oil which can be used for cooking as well as hair care purpose!

Coconut oil for hair is considered to be a great deep nourishing ingredient and it relieves the scalp from many problems. With the increasing stress in the lives of people it becomes important to take care of hair as stress directly affects the health of hair. A hot coconut hair oil on the scalp is a solution to many hair problems and also relieves from fatigue and depression.


When it comes to choosing the best coconut hair oil for hair, there are so many indigenous ayurvedic brands from where one can obtain coconut hair oil for hair care.

Here are the best places listed down below-

Indian States-

coconut oil for skin

Coconut is cultivated on a large scale and also exported to many other countries. The coastal states of the Indian sub-continent like Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh are mainly suited for the cultivation of coconut trees through which coconut oil is abundant in the states and is quite cheap and pure. It is extensively used for cooking and many other beauty uses. So if any of your friend lives there or is visiting these states, ask them to get few bottles of virgin coconut oil from there! 🙂

Ayurvedic Retail Outlets-

baba ramdev products coconut oil

There are several retail outlets in the country which are known for the manufacture of natural products without any adulteration. One of the most famous names being Patanjali which offers several health and skincare products. One can easily obtain coconut oil from Patanjali counters opened all across the country.

Ayurvedic Brands-

Brands like Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Omved, Tatha also offer extra virgin coconut oil and one can easily obtain pure coconut oil for hair from these brands.

Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Online Portals-

This is the hi-tech age of online shopping as there is less time for elaborate shopping and everything is easily available online these days. Amazon, Ebay and many online portals offer various brands of coconut oil and you can choose any out of them!


Well, if you don’t find coconut oil for hair from any of the above places then head over straight to a supermarket store and in the food store you can easily get few local and known brands of Coconut oil which can be easily used for hair.

Do you use Coconut Oil for your Hair?

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