6 Best Home Remedies for Hair Problems


6 Best Home Remedies for Hair Problems


Wiseshe is a storehouse of many amazing things. I was looking for home remedies for hair and there are some great ones on the blog. I decided to compile some of them for the ease of our beautiful readers


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Hibiscus for Hair

Hibiscus is not well-known for its beauty benefits. But Ayurveda shows that hibiscus is an awesome remedy for hair problems. It improves blood circulation and strengthens hair. It catalyses hair growth and reduces split ends. It prevents premature greying and also makes hair thick. It also cleanses hair and reduces hair fall.


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Basil Serum for Hair

This hair serum reduces hair fall to a great extent and also helps in growth of new hair strands. Basil rejuvenates hair follicles and as a result new hair start growing. Basil strengthens hair shaft as its eugenol content has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp. It contains anti-oxidants that prevent damage to hair. Basil has moisturizing properties that make hair silky.



Fenugreek for hair

Fenugreek is well-known for working wonders on hair. The seeds of Fenugreek are extremely potent and thus have a medicinal effect to reduce balding, hair fall, and hair thinning. A natural emollient lecithin, known to strengthen and moisturize hair, is present in abundance. Similarly, high content of protein in Fenugreek make it a great remedy for damaged and falling hair. Fenugreek improves blood circulation and makes hair strong and voluminous.



Gingely Oil for Hair

Gingely or sesame oil penetrates deep into the scalp and promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation. This oil also prevents premature greying of hair and makes hair dark. It soothes hair follicles and nourishes scalp. It keeps hair moisturised and also acts as sunscreen.

Holy Basil and Amla remedy for Hair

This treatment works very well for preventing premature greying. It also turns hair black and controls hair fall. Amla or Indian gooseberry nourishes hair from root to tip. It makes hair soft and moisturised. It makes kair silky and lustrous. Amla also works very effectively against dandruff. Amla reduces hair fall to a great extent.


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Home made Hair Oil

This hair oil is a mixture of various oils like olive oil, mustard oil and castor oil among others. It also contains amla, curry leaves, pepper and cinnamon. These oils and herbal ingredients are highly potent by themselves and when they are mixed together to make a concoction, it is sure to work wonderfully. This hair oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.

Did you like these home remedies for hair problems?

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