5 Best Volumizing Mascara


Mascara  is a magical stuff  , the way a simple mascara opens up eyes some of us just get obsessed with it.But with unlimited types of mascaras around, how do you find the best mascara for yourself?

I have put down five of my favourite  volumizing Mascaras.All the mentioned mascaras have been tested by me as I said with time mascara becomes an obsession 😛 .Also, Covergirl mascara is not available in India and neither is Illamasqua one but one can get Illamasqua online and that is the reason their prices have been mentioned in their respective currency which they were bought.

Also, after doing the post I thought I should have mentioned the best drugstore and best high end mascara but I think that will take little more time.I generally buy mascaras as per the new launches or the hype .

5 best mascara

Hope you liked my list .Do let me know what are your favourite volumzing mascara 🙂

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  1. Awesome review. Would be nice if you can share pics of eyes while you have these mascara on. That would really be helpful in seeing the effect on eyes, given most of them have similar claims.

    • Hi, They all have been reviewed here with before and after pictures.I will just link them up so that you can see the difference.

  2. I have used cover girl compact powder..had received as a gift from cousin. that was amazing.. I had back ups too. now my stock is empty….and some how i forgot about those compacts…now got to ping ny cousin for these again…:P.

    so i guess masacara must also be very good.


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