5 Best Ways To Choose The Right Hair Colour


5 Best Ways To Choose The Right Hair Colour

Planning for a makeover of your look? What better than starting from the top by choosing to colour your hair? However choosing the right hair colour is not as simple as it seems. You need to consider a lot of factors such as your hair colour, hair texture, and skin tone before picking a colour for your hair. Wiseshe brings to you important factors you should consider while choosing the right hair colour for you.

Must Know Tips For Long Lasting Hair Color

Analyze first by thinking clear about how drastically you want to change your hair colour. Are you looking in just for a slight change or you are keen to revitalize your whole look?

Collect visual samples of the hair colour you want for your hair

Start by browsing online or through magazines and collect a picture of the hair colour you want to experiment on you. Show these to your hairstylist to help him/her gauge at what kind of hair colour you want for your hair.

Decide if you are planning to get a haircut as well

If yes, opt for a haircut first. This will save you money and you will spend less on dye to colour your hair. Moreover a new hair cut will add to the extra vibrant l look with your new hair colour.

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Know about the density of hair touch- ups you would need

The no of hair touches would depend on whether you are looking in for a subtle change in your hair colour or you are looking for going from blond to black. If you are looking in only for a subtle change then opting for a hair colour only one shade darker than your natural colour is good. You will not need to worry about maintenance as such.

Steps to decide on the right hair colour for you

  1. Choose hair colour that is in sync to your skin tone

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You must be sincerely wondering as how to choose hair colour that will suit your skin tone.  Follow this tip to make it easier for you. You surely must be aware whether your skin falls under the warm or the cold category. If you are blessed with warm skin tone, yellowish brown golden undertone then opt for a warm hair colour too while on the other hand if you have a cool pale complexion than opt for shades that are shiny and free of red as well as golden undertones.

  1. Try out 2-3 complimentary shades

In case you are more for a natural hair colour look and have managed to avoid hair dyes for long enough then opt for a hair colour that has natural appearance. Do not go to change your hair colour drastically opt for hair colour offering completely natural highlights, lowlights and undertones. Best is to choose more than one colour.

  1. Stray away from tricky undertones.

Undertone is something most girls love to change about their hair and often try the tricky experience at home. Red undertones can even turn green when treated with ashy shades and believe me it’s not pretty. Do not undertone extensively on your own, a supervised professional assistance works the as you can be sure that the colour tone shade on your hair from a professional will be vitally in sync and neutralize your undertone without producing weird, unnatural shades that scream Weirdo

  1. Opt for a mix of brown and blonde

Blonde or brown? Opt for something in between instead? Flaunt your look by opting for a popular hair colour style called bronde, a perfect mix of these two very different colours. You never will have to wonder how to choose a hair colour again!

  1. Cool or warm tone

For all those cool tone ladies red is the trickiest colour for you. Opt for cooler shades that won’t turn orange overtime- Light red or burgundy. For the warm tone ladies the choice is much easier because your natural colour does have plenty of gold, yellow and orange undertones. You can opt for go for copper, however avoid bluish shades such as violet.

Got your tips on how to choose a hair colour? Get going explore your gorgeous new hair colour look

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  1. I generally decide by whim without thinking much and very much depend on my mood, but, I love burgundies.. however, I never get my hair bleached for more color pay-off. My hair are naturally black and the burgundy hint that I get is something I love 🙂

  2. I would love to see your hair pic ..i just got ombre done today..although i dont have my camera with me right now ..i cant wait to show it on the blog <3


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