5 Best Ways To Color Grey Hair



5 Best Ways To Color Grey Hair

Gray hair is every woman’s nightmare, and especially when you think that you are too young for gray hair!!! Don’t you all agree???

Well honestly I saw two grey hair strands a year back and I literally could not take it easily, since I never imagined that at a mere age of 23 I will have gray strands.

I actually cried a lot, did a lot of research about gray hair and also did the very popular nail against nail rubbing yoga.

I did not ever plucked my gray strand and after a few months I noticed that my gray hair has again gone a dark brown root and it is now growing dark brown rather than gray…. Such a miracle for me!!

But not everyone sees such color changing strands, I consider myself lucky in this case 😛 and for those many people who hate the sight of gray hair on their head, today’s article is absolutely apt.


How to color hair at home


Today I shall tell you all about a few ways about coloring grey hair, if you are someone who does not at all are easy with gray hair.

Lighten Up The Gray Strand

Simple hair dyeing is not the only solution, there are many other alternatives available, one such being ‘Lightening Up The Grey Strand’. Rather dyeing the whole hair you can simple opt for highlighting the gray hair.

Do not wonder how!!! That’s pretty easy and not as weird as you may think. Highlighting Gray hair is not anything unusual and is very normal, just the way you would highlight your non – gray hair. And if you are brave enough you can lighten the Gray strands and sport them as highlights. So now you have those boring gray strands as a sassy fashion statement.

Use of hair darkening Products

You desire to color your hair but the idea of treating your hair with hazardous Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia scares you to the chore!!! Worry not; we have a solution for this too.

You can use hair dyes that work with oxygen to gradually darken your hair, many shades from light brown to black are available. Benefits of dyes that work with oxygen are that it does not damage your hair and at the same time it does not give a made up look instead gives a natural looking hair.

Color Gray Strands

You are someone who is not at all willing to change your hair color but still want to cover up gray strands, this solution is solely for you then.

Just like lightening up the gray strands you can color your gray strands individually without altering the whole hair color.

This is a savior idea, it will save your time and also save your hard earned money.


colored hair care


Spray Some Color

Sounds weird??? But it ain’t a weird idea.

Spray hair color is the new shortcut to cover up gray strands, of course it is not long lasting, but spray covering gray strands comes to your rescue when you are absolutely out of time and have no time to even color gray strands individually.

They come in a variety of colors ranging from neon orange to natural blacks and browns.

Pencil Cover Ups

This is an old school inspired idea… how ?

Well do you remember your grand ma covering up gray hair with mascaras or eye pencils, I hope you do, I remember my grand ma used to do so till the time whole of her head turned gray.

Now there are few products in the markets, we can call them “Pencil products” which are meant to cover up grey roots.

Do you have more suggestions??

Are you searching for a grey hair cover up idea?

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  1. i also got 5-6 grey strands a few years ago but they didnt increase in number and now i cant find them 😀 I hv tried highlighting but it was not meant to hide greys but yes its definitely a good idea

  2. I dont have greys as yet..but the pencil thing is intriging…i wish smthing like that were available for temporary streaking..I rmbr streetwear made sm prdt like tat but got discontinued..


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