5 Best Ways To Dye Hair


5 Best Ways To Dye Hair

Colored hair looks pretty. Whether you have grays or just want to get a new look, hair color will do that for you. There are quite a lot of ways to dye hair and you can choose as per your requirement and comfort level.

Here are some of the Best Ways To Dye Hair-

recent hair color


how to apply henna on grey hair

Henna is a very popular ingredient to get hair colored. It gives a reddish hue to hair. You will need Henna powder as per the length of your hair, Amla powder, Lemon juice, Coffee powder or tea water and some plain water. For more detailed steps on dyeing click here.

Henna and Indigo

how to dye hair black with indigo and henna

This method gives a darker color to hair. Indigo powder is used in combination with henna powder. Use only natural indigo powder to dye hair or your hair will get damaged. You can find all about dyeing hair with henna and indigo here.

Hair Colors

How to color hair at home

Chemical hair colors can be used to dye hair at home or you can get it done at a salon. With these hair colors you can dye hair in any color that catches your fancy. Good quality hair colors are a must or you will do more damage to hair than good. Nowadays many easy-to-use hair color kits are available and you can dye your hair easily at home. Find more about hair coloring here.

Natural Hair Dye For Brown Hair

If you want to stay away from chemicals but want to give a natural looking color to your brown hair then try this method. You will need-

1/4 cup Nettle Leaves
1/4 cup Rosemary Leaves
1/4 cup Sage Leaves
2.5 cups of water

Take all the herbs and water in a pan and simmer for half an hour. Water will turn dark. Let the water cool down and strain. Apply this water on hair with a brush and leave for an hour. Shampoo as normal. This water can be used as last rinse as well. Follow this daily till you get the color you want.

Walnut Powder For Black Hair

Black walnut powder can be used to dye hair dark brown or black. You will need-

1/4 cup black walnut powder

3 cups water

Take the walnut powder in a cheesecloth bag and soak in water. Let it steep overnight. Use this water as the last rinse after shampoo daily. This makes hair very dark and covers grays easily.

Have you tried any of these methods to dye hair?

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