5 Best Ways to Use Evion Capsules


5 Best Ways to Use Evion Capsules


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We get many queries where readers ask us if they can use the Evion capsules and how they can use it.

vitamin e oil in cosmetics

We have shared the benefits of vitamin E capsules and also informed you about 6 brands of vitamin E capsules.

As most of us know, Evion is a brand of vitamin E capsules. Evion capsules are easily available across chemist shops and are most popular among people. Evion has kind of become a synonym for vitamin E capsules. So when I write Evion, read it as vitamin capsules.


vitamin e evion

Evion capsules for Face

You can use the gel of an Evion on your face for getting rid of scars quickly. The important thing is to use it sparingly. The serum is really sticky and can make your face look like an oil factory though it doesn’t harm. Use the Evion gel every night all over your face daily. It reduces scars and tightens skin.

Some of the best products which are exclusive Vitamin E creams for the face are as under-

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream


Price: INR 1985 for 50ml

vitamin e oil for eyes

You can also mix capsules serum with your regular day or night face creams if you don’t want to use capsules directly on face.

Aroma Magic Vitamin E Night Cream

Price: INR 955 for 200ml

uses of vitamin e

Evion Capsules for Nails

Take the tiniest drop of Evion capsule serum and use it massage your cuticles. This will heal all dry and flaky skin. The area around your nails will become soft.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil

Price: INR 962 for 13.3 ml

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream Review Blended Swatch+skin care

Evion Capsules for Acne

These capsules also help in getting rid of acne. Apply a little serum on acne regularly. You will see them disappearing in no time. This probably is the fastest and most effective way to get rid of pimples.

Vitamin E Oil Capsules

Price: INR 249 for 60 capsules


Benefit of vitamin e +Evion Vitamin E capsules


Evion Capsules for Hair

Take the desired amount of serum and apply it on your hair from roots to tips. Massage a little on scalp as well. You may need 3-4 capsules depending on the length of your hair. You will feel greasiness but you just need to keep it on for only 30 minutes. Wash your hair and the sticky feeling will be gone. You will be amazed at how healthy your hair turn with regular use.

Khadi Vitamin E Oil

Price– INR 225 for 35 ml

Evion Capsules for General Health

Take the Evion capsules as supplements. Taking one capsule daily is enough for improving your skin and hair in a holistic way. Take them for 15 days daily. Your skin will glow and become smoother. And obviously your hair will become healthy and silky.


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  1. Nice article.

    Can i swallow one capsule daily and same time i can use for face and hair massage?

    It may effects?

  2. my dermetologist prescribed evion 400 mg for acne..i took it internally one capsule a day..and the result is amazing

  3. hi
    I have breast Lymph and irregular irritation after urination,i consulted a doctor they given a Evion 400 to take every night after dinner, its safe? Please suggest me.

    • Hello ann.. i took evion400 regularly twice a day i.e after breakfast and after dinner…I’ve noticed that small tiny pimples on my mouth/chin area..so i just wanna know your dosage of evion.. thank you!

    • Hi dear
      1)Aap aapna hair me RAAt ko sarso ka oil me 1 lemon juse Dalal kar hair massage karlo for subha dholena ,aapko subha he result mil jayegi….

      2)onion ka juce nikalkar jaat tak massage karo for 2hr baad dholo week me 2 baar jarur karey,accha result milrgi,mene kya hy abhi koi povolem nahi hy 🙂

      3)olive oil massage v best hota hy

      4) aapni koi v hair oil Mr karri ka patta thpri der pakkkakar USSR massage karna chat ye v best resuld dega….

      Thank u

    • Depends on the cause of pigmentation.. Cannot assure that it works for all types of pigmentation..u can try mixing it with turmeric ,few drops of lemon juice & apply over affected area for 15mins if it’s cz of acne..
      Or mix it with rise hip seed oil&almond oil in proportion of 1:1:1.. this gives awesome results for most of pigmentation problems..

  4. My scalp is full of oily dandruff. Doctors say that I am
    suffering from diseases called “Seborrhic Dramatics”. I also have lots of hairfall everyday since 4 years.

    I have also used shampoo like “Head and Shoulders anti-haifall” and “f-biwash+” for long period of time but those affect not much.

    How to comsume “evion 400” daily to avoid the oily dandruff and stop hairfall. Should I use before or after shampooing?

  5. Am using evion 600 its amazing,my skin is smoother beatifull and soft.my friend introduced it to me i take 1 every night.and am loving it.

  6. I have many pimples and pimple marks on face and even scars….so can i eat 1 evion 600 everyday at night as well as apply it on my face?Does it have any side effects?what if it clog pores?i already have balckheads

  7. Room 600 can B taken twice daily .or not?does that harm ?or benefits?n wt r benefits..m just takin for glowing skin?is it fine pls guide

  8. Can we apply evion 400 on skin daily? And how many hours it should be in our skin? If we allow it for whole night will it make any damage? Can we use for kids in the age of 8 ? For hair how many days once we should use? And how many hours? Can we allow it for whole night?


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