5 Best Ways To Wear Peplum Top


5 Best Ways To Wear Peplum Top

You would not believe that the history of Peplum tops or dresses dates back to historical ages when people used to wear it as an over skirt, (which it actually means in Greek language) and it was worn mainly to accentuate the hips area making it tied around waist. It saw a huge rise in 1980s with fashion designers bringing them back and then now it is again on the rise. Peplum tops are the best way to show off your curves. They go with everything a skirt, a trouser, shorts, full-flared bottoms etc. You got to be able to carry it well and they can manage making you look hot and gorgeous. If you have the perfect body to carry those tops, I am enclosing here the 5 Best Ways To Wear Peplum Top.

Wear it with a pencil skirt

Peplum tops with pencil skirts

Peplum tops have the feature of sticking to your curves so, if you are perfect 10 and can carry a pencil skirt well, do go for a peplum skirt. It looks awesome with a pencil skirt when it flows along your curves on the top and then the skirt sticks to your legs downwards. It gives the total ensemble of a feminine body.

Wear them with flared-bottomed or wide pants

peplum tops with wide pants

These are another way to carry your peplum tops. Flared pants make you look hot and sensuous and if you pair them with peplum tops, you have nailed the perfect eye candy look, believe me. I have seen many a celebrities wear these tops and they looked awesome pairing it with a peplum top.

Carry them with leggings or skinnies

peplum tops how to

You can effectively carry then with leggings which are the most common phenomenon today. If you would also want to follow the suit, and try the outfit, please do. This looks good in office wear and also on a casual date with friends. This is comfortable and chic. Do try this avatar.

Wear them with long skirts

How to wear peplum top

A bit rare but looks classy, if you wear them with skirts that reach beneath your knee. These look good with ankle-length skirts and you have to try this look as it has been seen in trend since long.

Wear them with denims

peplum tops

A perfect evening wear, which can be teamed with denims and stilettos for a perfect chic look, is what you get when you put up jeans with your peplum top. You got to carry it with your entire attitude for that perfect oomph factor.

Carry them with Mini skirts

peplum tops with mini skirts

Another sure shot way to look chic with peplum tops is to wear it with miniskirts. These look awesomely gorgeous on svelte and petite figures. If you have the prefect figure, you should not wait much to buy a nice miniskirt to wear with your top!

Peplum tops are very much in and people prefer them over normal tops today as they are trending the world over. People sans age bars are wearing them and looking good in them too. I am sure you are also keen on wearing one, then why wait? Order your favorite style and brand and dress yourself up!

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