5 Blushes For Dark Skin Tone


5 Blushes For Dark Skin Tone


The best blushes for dark skin are fuchsia and berry shades. Coral and earthy shades look great as well. The most important point is pigmentation otherwise even the darkest looking blushes will not show up. These five blushes can be very suitable for dark skins and will give a natural glow to the face.

MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush


blushes for dark skin

MAC describes Frankly scarlet as vivid rose-red and shade reminds of crushed strawberries which have been strained ,soaked under the sun, powdered and then housed in a pan.Blush is extremely pigmented and one needs a very light hand or best will be to use it with a fan brush or MAC 187 duo fiber to get the pretty flushed look. It’s a matte tomato red blush with pink undertones. Blending is easy with this because of its smooth texture and one can easily over do with it.You can have a light reddish pink blush or even brighter as per your liking by building up the pigmentation. Blush stays for five -six hours.

Nars Mounia Blush


best blushes for dark skin

It’s a raspberry shade with hint of red and brown and golden shimmer. This blush is really pigmented and one has to be really careful while using it, otherwise you might end up looking like a clown.To apply this blush first pat a bit of it at the back of hand and then use a kabuki brush to apply it.Thankfully there is not much of fall out with this blush but you need to be cautious while applying it.  It stays for six hours on and then starts fading away giving cheeks natural berry flush.

Maybelline Fresh Coral Blush


best blush for dark skin

It’s pinkish coral which is gorgeous and very versatile. One can apply just a bit for that natural day look as well as a nice visible coat which would definitely rock any evening party look. It has fine shimmers which add to the hue, and don’t show much when blended well. It has a natural finish and the texture is soft, smooth and blends evenly without much effort. It gives a nice glow, a perking up blush. It has good colour pay-off and stays for 5 hours.

NARS Taj Mahal Blush


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NARS Taj Mahal Blush is a vibrant tangerine orange with a soft, golden sheen. It is much pigmented, as many NARS blushes are, but this one is even more so than the average NARS blush. Most suitable for the Indian skin tones. This is a unique shade and the staying power is very good. Equally suitable for usage at day & night time. It gives a beautiful shade of lightened peach-orange with a golden shimmer-sheen when worn lightly.

MAC Breezy Blush


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The blush is a sheertone shimmer finish and the color is a raspberry pink shade with a pearlescent shimmer to it.  The blush is sheertone shimmer finish but is very intensely pigmented. You have to be very careful using this to avoid going overboard. The shimmer is more of a satiny sheen and is not at all chunky. The pearly sheen ensures that cheeks look soft and glowy instead of shimmery.

Have you tried any of these blushes?

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