5 Blushes Which Go Well With Orange Lipsticks


5 Blushes Which Will Go Well With Orange Lipsticks

Hello girls,

So after articles on Blushes to go well with red lipsticks and Blushes to go well with Pink Lipsticks, today I shall show you the blushes which will compliment orange lipsticks really well.

As I already told in my previous posts, that too many colors on a face may look really odd, but at the same time choosing the blush of the exact lipstick shade may also not work many a times, so the rule goes simple here. Follow the color family. If you are wearing n orange lipstick than choose for a natural looking warm blush or choose a blush with hints of orange in it. Peach blushes too look good with orange lipsticks, Orange- peachy blush to me are the best.

Now that you know how to select blushes for orange lipsticks, let me make it even simpler and show you all some good blushes to compliment with your orange lipstick. Have a look:

NARS Taj Mahal Blush



Price: $29

It is a peachy orange blush shade with an insane pigmentation. The texture of this blush is very soft and smooth. The blush has golden shimmers in it which makes it look luminous when applied. It has a great staying power too.

MAC Grand Duo Mineralize Blush Earth To Earth



This blush is a blend of warm coral and brown and has minute golden shimmers. It also comes with a plum- champagne highlighter.  The blush in finely milled and has a smooth satiny texture. It is insanely pigmented and its intensity can easily be played for varied looks.  It stays on for some 10 hours, which is more than anybody’s desire actually.

Chanel Le Blush Crème De Chanel 67 Chamade 



Price: $38.00/ 2300 INR

This blush is from Chanel’s spring collection. It is reddish- coral pink shade of blush. It is a cream blush which sets to powder finish it has satiny- matte finish. It is easy to blend and it stays on for whopping 10-12 hours, isn’t it great.

New Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos – Coral Blush



Price: 750 rupees

This is a duo and has two colors of blush, a coral blush shade and a light pink shade; both these shades will work well with orange lipsticks. Both the shades have got subtle shimmers in them which only add to giving a glow to cheeks.  The blushes are not chalky and have a smooth texture with easy blendability. It stays for some 4-5 hours, which is not great but still not bad either.

Mac Matte Powder Blush in ‘Coppertone’ 



Price: Rs 1350

The shade coppertone belongs to the peach family of blushes of MAC. This shade is the most pigmented shade of peach by MAC. It is a powder blush with a matte finish and does not call for many efforts in blending, it blends with ease. The blush stays on for the entire day and will only be removed with a proper makeup remover.

These were some must have blushes which you must definitely pair with an orange lipstick. These blushes will never get you wrong. It is a bit hard for me to choose on single blush among these and I love each one of them. Which among these did you like the most?

Have you tried any of these blushes?

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