5 Blushes Which Will Go Well With Pink Lipstick Shade


5 Blushes Which Will Go Well With Pink Lipstick Shade

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today I shall talk about the question that has often got you confused very often. You have got your favorite pink lipstick on your lips and then suddenly your mind pops up with a questions “Which blush to pair with this pink lipstick??”

Let me get things simpler for you. Though this ain’t a rule but pairing a pink lipstick with pink blush or pink under toned blush is the right thing, the same goes for red lipstick too. Too much varied color can make your face look odd.

So today I shall show you some fabulous blushes that will coordinate with pink lipstick very well. Zara helped me out with the blush suggestions here and I can’t thank her enough for getting things easy for me. Come have a look:

MAC Breezy Blush



Price:  INR 1100

It is a raspberry pink shade of blush with pearlescent shimmers in it. It is from the sheer tone shimmer finish range but when it comes to pigmentation, it is nowhere even close to sheer, it is highly pigmented. The shimmers in it does not make it chunky and the blush feels velvety on cheeks and has an amazing staying power too.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush



Price – Rs 1000

The look and appeal of this blush is amazing and capable enough to persuade someone to get this. Not just the look, the blush is equally amazing too. It gives a natural flush of color on cheeks and easy to blend. Two –three swipes are needed to get better color. It stays on for some 4-5 hours.

NYX Cream Blush Tea Rose



Price: $ 6.50

It is natural shade of peach with pink- brown hints. It is cream blush with insane pigmentation. The texture is very soft and easy to blend, though such a soft creamy textured might not fare well on oily skins during hot summers. It gives a very nice natural glow to face.

Benefit Posietint Lip And Cheek Stain 



Price: USD 32

It is a pop pink tint which looks very natural on cheeks with some nice glow. It is a smooth liquid and will need for just two streaks on each cheek. Blend it and there you have the natural looking pink stain on your cheeks. It is good for your everyday use and has a great staying power of some 8 hours. If you own this blush, then you have your best bet for pink lipsticks.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Peaceful



Price:  $26

It is a nude peach shade of blush. It is very highly pigmented and just a dab gets me enough color. The blush is very soft & smooth and is easy to blend without many efforts. There is almost no fall out. It has some golden shimmers which add towards giving a glowy a face. It stays for some 8 hours and can even last for longer.

These were some great blushes to coordinate with pink lipsticks. I hope you like these suggestions.

Which among these is your favorite blush?

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