5 Blushes Which Will Go Well With Red Lipstick Shade


5 Blushes Which Will Go Well With Red Lipstick Shade

Hey girls, how are you all?

Enjoying the chilly winters!!! The season of all bold & dark lip colors is officially here. But while doing makeup, there comes a confusion regarding what blush to pair with what lip shade.

Well Today we shall talk about blushes that will go well with red lipsticks. Though Red lips shade has no season to trend in, but somehow in these gloomy days Red lipstick is the perfect color to flaunt and brighten up the face.

Come have a look at the blushes that go well with red lipsticks:

MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush



Price – INR 1350

It is a vivid rose shade as described by the brand; it is actually a tomato red shade of powder blush, which will go perfectly with a red lipstick. It has a soft and smooth texture. It goes insane on the color pay off front and is easy to blend too. Though it is very easy to go overboard with this blush but that can be taken care of with a little practice. The blush has a decent staying power of 5-6 hours.

MAC Blush Baby Blush



Price:  INR 1100

It is a shade of pink with a distinct beige hints. It is from the sheer tone range but despite of this, it has a decent color pay off and does not need multiple attempt to get the color. It is sans shimmers and thereby gives another reason to love it. It stays for some 5 hours and fades off leaving behind a gorgeous pink tint on cheeks.

Kryolan Youth Red Blush



Price: INR 350

Red Blush is insanely pigmented beautiful blush and will look good on almost all skin tones. It has smooth matte texture, and blending requires expertise, so a newbie to blush might need some practice sessions. Since it has rare availability, so grab it the moment you spot it.

Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush Warm Berry



Price:  $ 4.99

It is a raspberry shade and looks shimmery in the pan, but it comes out totally matte. It is insanely pigmented and will look great on duskier beauties, though fair skinned girls too will carry this shade well but then duskier skin tones will carry it way better. It stays on for a whopping 8 hours+ and it can stay for even longer.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush 07 Red Cheeks 



Price: 650 INR / $6.50

It is a blue toned fuchsia red shade and is mine favorite in this list. It is a cream blush and is insanely pigmented. Just a little gets you enough color on cheeks. This will look gorgeous with red lipstick.

These were some blushes that will look good with red lipstick.

Which is your pick amongst these blushes?

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