5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014


5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014

Bollywood has certain charm that has always kept us hooked to it. It is not just the movies or the music that keeps us attracted, but it is also the actors and actresses personal lives, their vacations, their friends and everything about them also keeps us attracted.

The paparazzi and the glamour world go hand in hand, and these two together gives us all the news we want to know. Controversies and bollywood can never be separated and this year too we got to see many controversies from the Bollywood.

While Bollywood had many reasons to celebrate, Arpita Khan’s wedding being one of the big reasons of celebration. The three super Khans of the bollywood industry united, Oh I always wanted this to happen.

We had Link ups, sex scandals, divorces, kisses and slaps in – 2014. This year was indeed a scandalous year. Come have a look at the five big controversies of the bollywood of this year:

Shweta Basu Caught In A Sex Scandal


5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014- SHWETA BASU SEX SCANDAL CONTROVERSY

National Film Award winner for the best child artist for the movie “Makdee”, Shweta Basu Prasad came into news all for the wrong reasons. Shweta Basu was booked under prostitution charges on August 31. She was accused of having involvement with a sex racket running in a top hotel of Hyderabad located in a posh area.
While later in the case, Shweta Basu was given a clean chit by the court proving her to be innocent. Shweta even wrote an open letter to the media, and questioned the media that why did such a serious profession portrayed things in the wrong manner to create a buzz.

Gauhar Khan Got Slapped In Public


5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014 - GAUHAR KHAN SLAPPED

This was a total insane and a shameful incident that happened. While Gauhar Khan was hosting the finale episode for “India’s Raw Star”, a man from the audience all of a sudden came to her and slapped her.
The man was caught immediately and a case is filed against it. The man justifies his ugly deed by saying that He is a Muslim and he could not see a Muslim girl wearing such revealing dresses and bring shame to his religion. While I am certain that this gut shall be punished. But I wonder how such an insane deed even became a topic of debate. It is clearly wrong, and what wrong is wrong with no scope of debate.
Does hitting and slapping women does not bring shame to any religion???

Preity Zinta Accused Ness Wadia Of Physical Abuse


5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014 - PREITY JINTA - NESS WADIA CONTROVERSY

Something really need to be done about the women abuse issues!
Again a somewhat similar case, during a match of the Indian Premiere League held at Wankhede stadium Bombay, an unpleasant incident happened. Preity Jinta got involved in a verbal fight with Ex Beau Ness Wadia, which led to some ugly episodes. Preity latter on lodged an FIR of Molestation and threatening against Ness Wadia. This news got mixed reasons, while some say it was Preity’s Over reaction while some say that Preity was absolutely right.

Deepika Padukone Fought Back


5 Bollywood Controversies Of The Year 2014 --DEEPIKA PADUKONE CLEAVAGE CONTROVERSY

This was a controversy but was more like an inspiration for bollywood celebs and all girls. While bollywood celebs are always seen muted when they dragged in news solely created by the media, Deepika Padukone chose not to be quite and answered back to the TOI for using clicking wrong angled pictures and creating non sense buzz out of it. While Deepika’s cleavage pictures released by TOI was doing the rounds, Deepika slammed the writer and the photographer and asked Yes I have got a cleavage, you got a problem? This got the whole Bollywood united and speak out against the filthy yellow journalism.

Arjun Rampal Involved In The Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan Divorce



Again some yellow journalism by TOI. While the divorce news of Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan  got many of us sad, the media took advantage of some public appearances and pictures of Arjun Rampal and Sussane Khan together. Media created rumors of Arjun Rampal close proximities with Sussane khan as the reason behind the divorce. While Sussane was getting divorced, media should have valued the happy marriage of Arjun Rampal and Meher. Arjun, Hrithik, Sussane, Meher and many others from the bollywood industry criticized the media for their irresponsible attitude and publishing fake reports just to fetch attention.

These were some controversies of bollywood that created a lot of buzz this year. While doing the article, I actually wondered, do celebs are not human? Why media takes it as their birth right to talk non sense about them.  Hope for a more sensible journalism in 2015.

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