5 Bollywood Dusky Divas Who Did Not Undergo Skin Lightening Treatment


5 Bollywood Dusky Divas Who Did Not Undergo Skin Lightening

When we say “wheatish” it has nothing to do with the look or color of breads. The use of the word, “wheatish”, although derived from the word “WHEAT”, here is to represent a very particular and desirable shade of skin color that is not exactly dark brown and not nearly pearly white.

Being a star in a country that’s fairness-obsessed can’t be easy. While some may have fallen prey of the “fairness-fever” by going under brushes to under knives, there are others who are proud of their own skin.

Rani Mukherjee:


Bollywood Dusky Divas Rani Muhkerjee


The actress has been entertaining us with her super hit movies on the Box Office since a long time. Although she went for a nose job, but she never thought of going for a whitening treatment.

Vidya Balan:


Bollywood Dusky Divas Vidya Balan


This acclaimed Indian actress thinks that “Beauty is more than skin deep”. The curvy, beautiful and talented woman is proud of her skin tone.

Huma Quereshi:




Another woman of medium skintone, Huma Qureshi is said to be the antithesis of the anorexic look, the so-called size-zero, once a fad in film industry.

Sonakshi Sinha:


Bollywood Dusky Celebrities SonakshiSinha


She may not be ‘perfectly fair’ like her contemporaries Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor, but Sonakshi says she is proud of her skin tone. “As a person, I am very confident about and very proud of my skin tone. For me, fairness is a very relative term. Indian women are very fair and also they are very dark,” said Sonakshi in an interview.

Susmita Sen:


Bollywood Dusky Celebrities SushmithaSen


Is it really fair for someone to look this gorgeous? How this woman gets more radiant each year, I just don’t understand. A winning smile, a confident personality and a path-breaker on various counts.

These charming scorching actresses of Bollywood look tangy, saucy and very attractive in their skin tone. Their dark skin is no hindrance in their path of lighting the screens. They are beautiful in and out.

Who is your favorite actress?

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  1. Really like this post.We all should be proud of the physical features we’ve got.
    I could be wrong 😛 but I noticed great difference in Rani’s skin tone in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Tum. It could be due to lighting as well. But I couldn’t help noticing bcz I was a HUGE fan of Rani back then. Again I could be wrong 😛

      • Absolutely! That’s why I mentioned lighting 🙂
        As far as makeup goes oh yes. These guys cakeup their face and change their skintone as per the role demands. I have been to a couple of film shoots, thanks to my uncle.
        Also once I remember watching this daily soap on tv where the lead actress’s face was pretty fair and the back of her hand was very dark in the same shot…forgot to touch that up I guess lol


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