5 Bollywood Hairstyles We Love


5 Bollywood Hairstyles We Love


We are always inspired by the latest fashion trends, makeup looks & outfit styles of the Bollywood celebrities! How can we stay behind when talking about the hairstyles adorned by the leading ladies of the Film Industry! Here is a look at the favorite ones which people absolutely loved.

Katrina Kaif-

We loved this gorgeous actress in her flick Namaste London with the perfect side bangs & soft curl adorned hairstyle! This was definitely one of the best hairstyles that suited her face! Even today she is mostly an open hair person when it comes to movie promotions, parties or media events. The soft strands of curls falling on the shoulder makes the hairstyle really one of the favorite for girls these days!


katrina hairstyle

katrina hair

Deepika Padukone-

Who can forget Veronica’s hairstyle in Cocktail and the wild  & sensuous look of Deepika was more due to the amazing hairstyle she flaunted! The hairstyle gained immense popularity as opposed to the straight hairstyle, which certainly leaves a girl out of ideas if she wishes to style her hair differently. Deepika’s hairstyle was a huge hit due to the movie’s massive appeal! The recent flick had her in a messy up do most of the time which was equally appreciated.




Sonam Kapoor-

The side braided hairstyle Sonam Kapoor flaunted in most of her movies, looks really cute on her. This soft side-swept hairstyle goes really well with every kind of outfit! The side swept braid is surely attributed to be popularized by this Style Diva in Bollywood and following her footsteps many of her contemporaries joined in, doing the same hairstyle on their shoots & promotions. Twist up hairstyles are her cult favorite and she never fails to woo onlookers with that hairstyle.





Kareena Kapoor-

Kareena Kapoor is known to bring the trend of highlights on long hair, which turned really well and suited her face! But after her size zero fever, she never got them again and stuck to the dark brown hair color & straight locks with side bangs. I like the later version more, although I miss her highlight streaks!


Kareeena Kapoor

kareena hairstyle

Alia Bhatt-

The newbie in B-town is surely blessed with a lovely mane and only a few movies being to her credit, the cute & girly hairstyle she flaunts is very  popular among girls these days. Be it a side braid or a twist up open hairstyle, she looks really beautiful in all of these. We still need to see how poker straight hair looks on her!!


aali hair

Alia-Bhatt hairstyle


Which is your favorite hairstyle?

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  1. Well i liked almost all.. but deepika’s hairstyle is my favr8… since i have similar hair and wdout mch efforts can flaunt her hair style 😀


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