5 Brands Of Bags You Must Definitely Own


5 Brands Of Bags You Must Definitely Own

Most of the girls or rather all the girls take pride in their handbag collections. We love clothes, we love shoes and we love makeup and obviously we love bags also. You get limitless options in bags whether you buy non-branded items or love to invest in a Fendi piece. We even get exact replicas of well-known bags but obviously nothing beats the look and feel of an original branded arm candy. If you are looking to increase your bag collection then you should definitely give thought to designer bags. Here are 5 Brands of Bags You Must Definitely Own if you are into branded items-

Hermes Birkin Bags


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The father of all bags is Birkin. Whether it is the classic designs or exorbitant price, there is no competition to Birkin. This French brand releases only five bags every week and so it is not easy to lay your hands on them. These bags are completely handmade and for the exotic leather, you need to have deep pockets. The prices start from somewhere around $6000. The basic design of every Birkin is same but the bags are available in many colours and sizes. Are you ready to join the Hermes Birkin waiting list?

Dior Bags


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Dior is also a French Luxury major. Their bags Lady Dior bags are iconic and are available in so many colours that you can make a collection of its own. We have seen many celebrities carrying Lady Dior bags and yes their replicas are also very common. But the thing is that it is too easy to spot the fakes. Besides the classic Lady Dior bags, you will get a plethora of contemporary designs in the house of Dior.

Alexander McQueen Bags


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Not only their gowns but bags make headlines too. McQueen is especially known for its unique clutches. If you want that super-chic look for a high-profile event then McQueen is your brand. You will be spoilt for choice while browsing through their clutch-collection. The edgy McQueen clutches with knuckledusters are the objects of desire.

Louis Vuitton Bags


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LV bags are ubiquitous on the luxury fashion scene. Their iconic LV stamp makes even the simplest of designs turn glamorous. LV Alma Bags and LV Speedy bags are the ones that never go out of style. You can buy them either in the Signature Monogram Canvas or play with popping colours.

Gucci Bags



Another sought after luxury brand Gucci has the stuff that you will not find anywhere else. They have there own set of iconic styles and more recent leather backpacks in amazing pastels. Their bags are simple but strong and apt for regular use. If you need a bag for daily use that has got the right style and sophisticated look then Gucci is your thing.

Which are your favourite brands of bags?

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