5 Bridal Hair Styles For Round Face


5 Bridal Hair Styles For Round Face

Hello girls, so now the wedding season is on and many of us might just be gearing up for a wedding or weddings to end. Well I too might three weddings this season. Of course a s a guest I have nothing to panic about or go crazy about, but this was not the case for me last year. Last year when I had my wedding, I was going mad about many things as a bride. From makeup to attires, shoes to bags etc, almost every single stuff got me crazy and even my wedding day hair style.’

I can very well understand the dilemma and stress a bride goes through for her “D – Day”, the anxiety levels rise up and you all nervous & anxious. If your makeup is right, your hard to carry heavy bridal lehenga and you hairstyle.

Over the years bridal have come up with new choices and preferences in their makeup, hairstyle and attires. Unlike past years Red is no longer the only color for a brides dress though Red color can never go wrong, brides do not seem to like the gaudy makeup unlike the past years and now opt for a subtle makeup, especially skipping the bindis above the brows and similarly they want to have new hairstyles apart from the only traditional braided cum bun.

While the bride chooses a hairstyle for her wedding, it is of high importance to consider the face shape.

Today I shall show you girls 5 bridal hairstyles for round face apt for the wedding day and the reception:

Bangs with Updo


Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces UPDO WITH SIDE SWEPT BANGS


When I talk about bangs, it is the side swept bangs here that I am talking about. Side swept bangs add contrasting angles to face. Though the side swept bangs look great on almost all face shapes but they look absolutely flattering on round faces. You can add a pouf behind the bangs to give it a more bridal look.

Traditional Updo


Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces - TRADITIONAL UPDO


This hairstyle is ideal for round faces and there is nothing so new about this hairstyle. The saying “Old is gold” goes well for this hairstyle. Do not opt for a low bun and make it up. The updo looks very elegant and its charm can never fail.

Messy Bun


Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces - MESSY BUN


Messy bun makes for a good choice as a bridal hairstyle for round faces. The idea behind choosing a hairstyle is creating height by adding volume at the crown, which furthermore elongates the face appearance, thereby creating an illusion of slimmer face.

Side Hairstyles


Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces - Side Hairstyles


Just like adding height is great for round faces, similarly angles contrast work for slimming down the face appearance. Asymmetric side hairstyles add angles to face side updo, ponytail and or a bun can work well for round faces.

Half Up – Half Down


Bridal Hair Styles For Round Faces - HALF UP - HALF DOWN


This is a gorgeous hairstyle and is totally apt for the occasion of reception. Do not go for a sleek & polished half up and half down instead a little messy hairstyle will look more flattering. Do not miss out the volume on crown tip here.

These were some very gorgeous and flattering bridal hairstyles for reception and wedding. However these were specifically for round faces but few of them will look equally good on all face shapes.

Which bridal hair style is your favorite?

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