5 Budget Ways To Arrange Your Accessories



5 Budget Ways To Arrange Your Accessories


Hey girls, how are you all ???

A girl without accessories is a little incomplete. Am sure every girl has some/ many accessories according to here preferences anything form hair pins to , multiple pair of spects, bags to footwears, makeup brushes to jewellery, etc etc.

Managing these accessories and storing them is always a task in itself, and if you don’t store them organized then just get ready to have a hard time finding the accessories when you want to use it. I usually organize my accessories in different boxes dedicated for specific type of accessory. But then also if I get a little lazy and careless I see a big mess with my accessories.

Today we shall see few very budget friendly ways to organize accessories and am sure you people are likely to find these very handy. So without much delay let us just head towards the handy tips !!!

Storing Earrings:


Storing Earrings


We girls mostly have multiple pairs of earrings. Studs, chandelier earrings, ethnic earrings etc and keep them organized is not easy at all. But this will not be the case any longer, all you need to do is to just get yourself a frame (we usually have them at home) and attach a plastic needlepoint canvas to the frame from its back. Ta Da… here you have a handmade earring holder.

Storing Bangles/ Bracelets/ Hand Cuffs:


Storing Bangles


Bracelets and hand cuffs are not easy to be stored in boxes since they take a lot of space. So here comes another very easy way to solve this problem. Just take a glass bottle, we usually have them in our kitchen. You can decorate the glass bottles in any way that you want and there you are with a very easy – peasy trick.

Storing Makeup Brushes:


Storing makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes are very dear to me and am sure they are the same for any other makeup lover. To store your makeup brush all we need is a glass jar and fill it with marbles or aquarium gravel or some beautiful looking stones/ crystals. Voila here you have your makeup brush holder. This looks beautiful too.

Storing Sun Glasses:


Storing Sun Glasses


Sun glasses/ Glares/ Shades, we call it with different names but put them to similar uses. Not just protection from harsh UV rays but they change the whole look of a person. Any person an owing multiple pairs of shades is not a big thing, shades make us look glamorous after all but storing them aptly is not always easy.

To keep your shades organized , take a long frame and attach some strappy fabrics or elastics at the back of the frame with equal spaces between each strap. Voila !! We have our own customized shades holder.

Storing Hair Bands/ Head bands:


Storing Hair bands


Take an oatmeal can, a handmade sheets and glue. Stick the handmade sheet around the oatmeal can, you can also stick some decorative beads if desired. And TA DA here we have our head band holder that too can be put to multiple uses by storing stuff inside the can. Also by wrapping around a string we can use it as hair pin holder.

So girls these were few handy and budget friendly ways of organizing accessories with major stuff that we find in our household. Hope you liked these 🙂

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