5 Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner Reviews & Swatches


I am back with another tempting liquid eyeliner review which stays all day long and so easy on the pocket.I know you guys are so impressed with new Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid eyeliner  but I won’t be buying it and the reason is the new coastal scents liquid eyeliner set which I purchased recently.

These 5 eyeliners costs $11.95


coastal scents Liquid Eyeliner Set


Each bottle contains 6ml of product and they don’t smudge.You apply them and just forget about it whole day long.


cobalt +shamrock+plum+stone swatches coastal scents liquid eyeliner


These eyeliners have glossy finish and are great in pigmentation.They are waterproof  and non smudging too.Need I say more?


Jet Shamrock Cobalt Stone Plum


It is a thin felt tip brush which is perfect for liner application.It dries fast and last whole day.
coastal scents felt tip applicator+coastal scents liquid eyeliner


Swatches of Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner

(LtoR) Jet, Cobalt, Shamprock, Plum and stone.

I will be taking each one of them in detail in coming days.Gosh! too much to do and its so exciting :)This is what I love about blogging.

coastal scents felt tip applicator+coastal scents liquid eyeliner


In both the pictures I have swiped them just once.

cobalt +shamrock+plum+stone swatches liquid eyeliner


Have you tried Coastal scents liquid liner ?


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