5 Colored Eye Liner Looks To Wear This Wedding Season


5 Colored Eye Liner Looks To Wear This Wedding Season

Colored Eyeliners are truly going places! Forgive me but I would prefer a colored eyeliner over any eye shadow palette on any given day! 🙂

sleek eye kohl pencils

An elaborate eye makeup surely gives the perfect look for wedding functions but what if you are a novice in applying eye shadow or still trying the basics of eye shadow blending, a colored eyeliner can make your job quite easy!

The Wedding season has kicked in and now if you are clueless about how you can create an event-worthy eye makeup look with colored eyeliners, be it pencil, crayon, or gel eyeliners, follow the most easy looks which I have tried to put together here today and how you can do them at home. Read on and thank me later! 🙂

stila stay liquid eyeliner indigo

The Colored Upper Eyeliner Look-

Beauties with small eyes, like mine, can go for the most easy peasy eye look by taking a shade of eyeliner contrasting to the outfit you are wearing at the occasion. If you are wearing red, you can opt for black, charcoal eyeliners. In case you are planning to wear pink, cobalt blue, navy, indigo shades will go really well. If you are wearing yellow attire, go for turquoise, forest green shades on the upper eyelids.


It can be a simple liner with little wings and skip applying any liner over the lower eyelid to make your eyes appear a little bigger.

Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner review

Two- Toned Colored Eyeliner Look-

You can give more dimension to the eyes by applied a light shade of eye liner like nude, white, yellow to bring a little pop to your eye look. Pair it with with any of the eyeliner you have picked, as per your outfit, on the upper eyelids!

Green metallic eyeliner coastal scents shamrock

Always try to line the waterline carefully with soft hands so that it doesn’t end up getting smudged, because oily waterline will make the color smudge easily. Best option is to use a gel based eyeliner for the underline. The long staying pencil eyeliner will also do a good job!

Incolor Glide Blue gel eye pencil swatch

The Colored Eyeliner with glitter look-

If you are up for a bold and outstanding eye look, then the best bet is to opt for a long staying gel eyeliner as that won’t budge at all even after applying glitter over it and will give a unique charm to the eyes!

Sleek glitter eyeliner steel review

Make sure that the shade of glitter compliments the shade of eye liner you have chosen to give that spark! Silver, golden, copper, bronze glitter are common and will go well with most traditional outfits!

Sleek glitter eyeliner review eotd steel

Alternatively, you can use the glitter eyeliner on the lower eyelid and keep the colored eyeliner on the upper eye.

Sleek glitter eyeliner on my eyes

You can experiment during various functions and see what looks best on you or earns you more compliments. 🙂

Monochrome Outlined Colored Eyeliner Look-

It is very easy and you end with glamorous looking eyes without doing much effort. Just try to put the eyeliner over the edges of the upper eyelids and continue it from the center of lower eyelid to join the edge of the eyes with the upper one.

You can opt for winged look or no wings as per your liking. Apply a white eye liner in the inner corner of the eye to make the eye liner stand out.

Maybelline Liner in Gold EOTD

The Bold Colored Cat Eyeliner Look-

It is definitely not so easy as the cat wings going a little outwards as compared to the simple winged eyeliner, but 2-3 time of practice will make you perfect. Also you can opt for eye stencils or the easiest being a visiting card/ cello-tape to get the equal wings both the sides.


Choose a colored eyeliner with a little sheen as that will really look beautiful. You can underline your eyes with a simple black kohl to give a complete look.

I am all about colored eyeliners only. 🙂 Which one colored eyeliner look do you like the most?

Have you tried the colored eyeliner look before?


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