4 Comfort Food For Easy Menstrual Cycle/Periods



By Tavleen

4 Comfort Food For Easy Menstrual Cycle/Periodsch

Menstruation brings with it a host of symptoms like bloating, painful cramps, backache, headache, etc. These can take away energy from the body and leaves a woman tired and exhausted.

Women tend to go for junk food before and during their period due to the fluctuation in hormones.

While popping in a painkiller may be convenient option, you can also try these comfort foods to make you feel better.

Fatty Fish


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Fatty fish like salmon is rich in omega-3s and vitamin D. Omega 3 helps along with decrease caffeine, decrease sugar intake, vitamin b-6 more complex carbohydrates .These essential nutrients have anti-inflammatory effects that help soothe that can relieve menstruation pain, cramps and bloating.





Bananas are usually recommended to ease muscle cramps after working out. They also soothe internal muscle pain during menstruation thus reduce cramps. They are rich sources minerals like potassium with high magnesium content in it. This fruit also a helps to aid sleep since it contains melatonin that helps regulate the body’s natural rhythms, and helps in a good night’s rest. Pain and sleep is a cycle as pain interrupts sleep therefore you should eat bananas.

Dark Chocolate


health benefits of chocolate


Many of us crave chocolate just before our period is due. Chocolate contains tryptophan which helps the release of serotonin in the brain which is one of the excellent mood enhancer for the brain. The dark chocolate is also rich in anti-oxidants which actually help in relaxing relax your muscles and ease the pain.

However this doesn’t mean you can eat a whole bar of chocolate.

If you eat more dark chocolate before your period that it will help to reduce cramps and other PMS systems. Chocolate needs to be about 60% or more cocoa content. Choose bitter dark chocolate for your chocolate treat.

Ice Cream

Ice cream in chocolate flavor helps to relieve pain as it increases the level of calcium in the body but eating a lott of ice cream means increasing the amount of sugar in your body eventually feeling bloated so moderately eating ice cream on some low days helps even to deal with mood swings.

What food diet or routine do you follow during menstrual cycle?

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