5 Common Blow Drying Mistakes



5 Common Blow Drying Mistakes

Blow drying your hair is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your wet hair dried and styled. Today’s women are always in hurry and there is hardly any time to naturally dry hair, but we also want to have luscious, glamorous and perfectly blow-dried bouncy hair.

But in the hurry, we always make some mistakes while blow drying the hair. So we are here today to point out the most common mistakes we make when using blow dryer.


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Don’t commit these mistakes again:-

Don’t underestimate the power of a common heat protection product

As we all know blow drying can severely damage your hair. Thus whenever you are using a blow dryer, make sure to use a product that is capable of protecting your hair from heat. Spray heat protection spray evenly on wet hair before blow drying your hair. Not only blow drying, you should use a heat protection spray before going for any styling that needs heat.

Making No Sections

No matter if you have super voluminous hair, or less strands on your head, you should always divide your hair in small sections prior blow drying. Use clips to hold up strands you are not working on. By sectioning your hair it will easy to thoroughly blow dry and manage your hair.

Not blow drying completely

If you are going to leave your hair like that without further styling, then half blow drying your hair is okay. But if you are going to use other styling tools like straighter or curler, then your half dry hair can be prone to more damage. No ensure that your hair is fully dried, after blow drying use the cold setting on your dryer and blow all over scalp and hair to know if there is any wet portions left behind.


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Holding dryer on wrong hand

This is the most commonly made mistake. We often hold the blow dryer in our dominant hand, while working the brush with the weaker one. But you’ll get better results if you do the other way round. Combing and brushing through hair strands, getting rid of tangles needs your dexterity with brushes. Thus, old your brushes on right and the dryer on left. You’ll be able to see the difference yourself.

Heat is too high and used at one place

We often use the high temperature while blow drying in order to get dry hair fast. But this is very harmful, especially when you are near the scalp. Please keep a check on the temperature of your blow dryer. Start blow drying with low heat setting on the hairline and roots and then increasing the temperature slowly on your way to the tips. I would also recommend not going beyond the medium temperature.

Another thing, do not hold the blow dryer directly on one spot. You don’t want to dry and damage your hair. Constant movement is very essential while blow drying. So keep moving the hair dryer on all the length & width of your hair and not only at one place at a time. Also pay attention not to hold the dryer too close to hair.

By following these steps, the process of blow drying will be easier, faster and less damaging.

Have you been taking care while blow drying your hair?

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