5 Conditioner Mistakes You Must Avoid


5 Conditioner Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Shampoo and conditioner are like bread and butter to me, you just can’t separate them. Whenever we shampoo your hair, we make sure to apply a conditioner to the hair as it increases the softness of the hair and reduces frizz. Moreover, shampoos strip natural oils from our hair which result in dry and rough manes which can be treated with a conditioner. But sometimes, even after applying a conditioner we find our hair to be on the rough side after which we blame the product. But have you ever realised that we can also make mistakes while applying a conditioner? Yes! We can. Don’t believe me? Scroll down!

5 Conditioner Mistakes which you must avoid:

Inconsistent use of product

One of the major causes of less efficacy of the conditioner is to use the product in an inconsistent amount. It doesn’t help if we apply a huge amount at one place. It is best to apply the conditioner at the tips where the dry ends are more dominant.

Skipping the conditioner

Skipping hair conditioner is surely not a good idea. Conditioners help to nourish hair and make it soft and also help to brush hair very easily. So don’t make it a habit to skip conditioner.

Using too much of the product

Using too much of a product is not beneficial to your hair. It will only weigh down your hair and will result in difficulty in rinsing the product from the hair. Also, more wastage of the product. So apply a thin layer of the product and then let it do its work.

Applying on the hair roots

Applying conditioner on the roots is one of the biggest blunders you can mistake. Though you can argue that your roots need nourishment as well, but my love, there is oil for that. Take a coin sized amount of the product and smear it across the palms and apply the conditoner along the tresses from mid-length to tips.

Not keeping the product for a particular amount of time

One of the prime mistakes that result in rough and frizzy tresses in spite of applying a conditioner is not keeping the product for the required amount of time. We are required to keep a conditioner for a minimum time of 3 minutes after which we need to rinse it off. But if you just apply the conditioner and leave it, then it won’t be of any use to your hair.

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