5 Cute Hairband Styles This Season


5 Cute Hairband Styles This Season

Hairbands or headbands, whatever you call them, these cuties are quite versatile. Hairbands can be used to simply keep hair away from face or to make you look more stylish. Hairbands give a cute look that is elegant as well. Hairbands are also useful when you are growing your hair and want to hide the uneven strands. So girls! headbands solve a lot of problems that too while keeping you looking like a fashionista.

A wide variety of hairbands are available that can be selected for different occasions. You get headbands in fabric, plastic, metal and wood to name a few. Pick out some pretty hairbands for yourself and take a look at someร‚ย Cute Hairband Styles This Season-

Floral Hairband


cute hairband styles (2)

Hairbands with floral motifs are quite a rage. These are available in both fabrics and hard materials. These look the cutest and are suitable for girls. Big flowers look better on young girls while smaller ones can be worn easily across age groups. A stylish way would be to pair your floral hairband with a side braid.

You can buy some cute hair bands from Flipkart.com here

Ultra Stylish Hairband


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This is a different style of hairband. The third ‘arm’, (if I may call it so.) has changed the style completely. The purpose of the hairband here is to glam up the look. When you are feeling lazy, just put on a hairband and do not tuck any hair behind your ear.

Tiara Hairband


cute hairband styles (1)

I love tiaras and this is a beautiful way to wear one. It looks so boho and so unique here. The dull-gold hairband has just leafy-patterns all around and is perfect for getting even that Hawaiian look without having to wear big flowers.

Double Hairband


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I am loving this shimmery double-strand hairband. This beautiful silver headband is perfect for adding shine to a bun, ponytail or open hair. It is party-perfect too and will make your simple messy bun look a lot more stylish and glitzy.

Simple Hairband


cute hairband styles (4)

This is my favourite hairstyle in winters! Sometimes I feel too cold to wash my hair even every third day (and do the honours on the fourth :-P) and then my thin silver, red or black hairband comes to my rescue. My layers may not look as stylish as Reese’s as my hair is thin but yes I look presentable and cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which is your favourite Hairband Style This Season?

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