5 D.I.Y Makeup Remover Recipes You Must Try


Hello, makeup freaks!

We all love makeup, don’t we? Applying makeup is a beautiful feeling, but not removing. At least not for me.  🙁 I have personally used a lot of makeup removers available in the market but none of them suits my sensitive skin. I end up getting breakouts and pimples all over my face which always brings me to these D.I.Y makeup remover techniques. These simple herbal methods not only removes the most stubborn kinds of makeup but also makes skin soft and supple. And if you are like me, who is so fond of makeup, you definitely need this girl! Presenting the top 5 D.I.Y. makeup remover recipes that will make you think, is makeup removing so easy?

Olive oil and Rose water:


oilve oil

Take 1 tablespoon of Olive oil and mix 1 tablespoon of rose water into it. As both the products have different densities, they won’t mix up and form a kind of bi-phased makeup remover like we see in shops. Apply this mixture on your skin and massage well. Remove with a cotton pad. And there you have all clear skin!

Coconut Oil:

essential oil

Coconut Oil is a miracle ingredient when it comes to removing makeup. Applying coconut oil not only removes makeup but also softens skin and prevents fine lines. Using coconut oil daily on face reduces dryness and makes skin soft. And what more this product can also remove waterproof mascara!

Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and apply all over the face and massage well. Remove with a cotton pad or wet wipe. If you wish, you can put some glycerin in it to make it more hydrating and the removal easy.

Aloe Vera makeup remover:

Aloe Vera gel doesn’t only help in getting good hair and skin but also helps to remove makeup as well. We all have heard about using Aloe Vera as a primer, but how many know about it as a makeup removing technique too?

All you have to do is apply aloe vera gel on your face and massage well. Leave on for 2 minutes and wipe with a cotton ball or cotton pad. Wolla! your face is ready. You can also mix some coconut oils in it if your makeup is waterproof.

Almond oil and lemon juice:

almond oil

lemons aha

This is a combination that can not only remove makeup but can also make your skin brighter and lighter. Take 1 tablespoon of Almond oil and mix 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice into it. Both of this work wonders together and make your skin healthy, soft, makeup free and bright. What else do you want?

Cucumber gel:

cucumber for skin

Cucumber is not only a great relaxing agent to the skin after a hard day’s work but also can act as a great makeup removing agent. Cucumber soothes and hydrates the portion of your skin and makes it look so nourished and supple. Either you can buy Cucumber gel available in the market or you can prepare on by yourself.

For preparation of Cucumber gel, just add cucumber juice and aloe vera gel in equal amounts. Add little bit of powdered sugar if you want to make it a great scrub as well. Apply this on your face and rub gently. It will not only remove your makeup but will take out dead cells too! Isn’t is a two-in-one procedure?

So with this we come to a wrap! I hope you really found this post helpful. So girls, keep on applying makeup and don’t worry about removing!


  1. Mujhy to sabhi ideas bahut acche lagey, main to itna makeup karti nahi lakin kabhi functions me karna padta hai to main oil se hi remove karti hu

  2. Very good list, even I would like to add one more recipe to this wonderful list. Take 2tbsp of coconut milk and add one or two drops of glycerine into it.Apply this on your face and leave it for maximum one minute and wipe off with a cotton ball.That’s it… This really works and helps to prevent breakouts.I am following this method for my sensitive oily skin…


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