5 Deepika Padukone Eyeliner Looks We Are Crazy About


5 Deepika Padukone Eyeliner Looks We Are Crazy About


Deepika Padukone is the proud owner of beautiful peepers. Her big, lovely eyes look so innocent and she leaves no stone un-turned to make them look even better. She is usually seen in smoky eyes or winged eyeliner but still she manages to get variation in her looks. We at Wiseshe cannot stop staring at her eyes that obviously have a language of their own.

Kohl Rimmed


deepika eyeliner

Surrounding eyes with dark eyeliner is a look that makes eyes stand out perfectly. The eyeshadow is really light here and the jet black kohl has taken the centre-stage.

Washed Eyeliner


deepika padukone eyeliner looks

This look became all the rage last year. Everybody was trying to emulate her eyeliner look from ‘Nagada’ song in the movie Ramleela. Eyebrows are quite dramatic here but here eyes still manage to hold your gaze.

Cat Eyes


deepika eyeliner look

Deepika rocks winged eyeliner like few girls can. Her doe-eyes look a little longer and a lot more beautiful when she decides to adopt the cat-look. Here you can see how perfectly her liner has been winged out.

Thick Eyeliner


deepika padukone eyeliner

Simply applied thick eyeliner has been flicked a little at the end. The lashes have been curled to perfection and waterline has just a hint of kajal. Besides eyes, take a look at the rest of her face and you will fall in love with the makeup.

Barely There Eyeliner


deepika padukone eye makeup

This is an easy to wear look and I will pick it any day. The magic of expert smudging is clearly visible on her eyes. And again it is time to take inspiration for a natural makeup look.

Which is you favorite eye liner look?

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