5 Deepika Padukone Hairstyles We Are Drooling Over


5 Deepika Padukone hairstyles we are drooling over

Hey people,

Let us be talking about some gorgeous hairstyles today.

Deepika Padukone is one name that never lets us down be it her acting, dancing, or styling. She is one complete package. We have time and again tried to bring forth you the beautiful style looks of Deepika.

Today’s post will be dedicated to her gorgeous hairstyles. It is hard to pick just five, but I did. Continue reading to check out the 5 gorgeous Deepika Padukone hairstyles that we not just like, but also drool over.

Messy Twisted Tresses


Deepika pulled off this hairstyle when she went live for a Facebook chat. There is nothing that does less for her look, but her hairstyle steals the show. The messy undone twisted braids with textured loose strands look super chic. This hairstyle is easy to do and enhances the overall look.

Half Up Half Down Braid Style


Half Up Half Down is no new to us, but our dear Deepika showed us how to add a twist to this ever boring hair do. Here we see that the half up has small braids and twists. This not only adds a sense of newness to this hairstyle but also looks amazing. Recreating this is pretty easy.

Classic Updo with Intricate Twists


Not just we, but ace makeup artist Daniel Bauer too loves this updo on Deepika. He says that this classic updo with intricate twists looks adorable.

Messy Updo


Deepika looks gorgeous in updos and we like it even more when it is puffed, messy updo. This hairstyle not only compliments her face but also adds volume to her hair. I love how she has managed to justify her love for her braids. The neat and tiny braids in the messy updo add a zest of uniqueness.

Low Bun


This is one is truly classic and has a vintage vibe to it. It looks very chic and is super easy to do. The slight flicks in front add dimension to her face. The low bun is nothing but all the hair pulled back and loosely twisted, tucked low.

These were some gorgeous five hairstyles of Deepika that we love. Not only are these very easy, but they also carry a chic element along with them. The right combination of makeup with these looks, can make your overall look score good.

Which among these are your favourites?


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