5 Diabetic Juice Recipes That Actually Work!


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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases nowadays in which every other person is suffering. Diabetes is nothing but increased blood sugar level which affects the whole body of the individual. Though there are three types of Diabetes – Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3, most of the persons have Type 1 and Type 2. This is one of the chronic diseases which can be prevented or reduced but not completely cured and so it is advisable to have natural and herbal medication for it. Nature has a solution to everything and for this very reason, there are some vegetables which prevent or reduce diabetes drastically. You can have them raw or cooked or in the form of juices. Listing 5 Diabetic Juice Recipes that are excellent for Diabetes. 🙂

5 Diabetic Juice Recipes That Actually Work:

Bitter Gourd Or Karela Juice: This is probably the best medicine for Diabetes and Blood Sugar issues. Having a glass of this miracle drink every morning controls blood sugar level every morning and accelerates sugar metabolism all over the body which helps to control the disease. Moreover, this vegetable has the power to secrete Insulin by itself which is again a boon for Diabetic patients.

Carrot Juice: Carrots are one of the best juices for Diabetic patients although this vegetable as similar levels of GI as sugar. It has a rich concentrate of Vitamins like A, B complex and C with Potassium and Calcium to keep blood vessels and eyes perfectly well. This vegetable is recommended by experts for diabetic patients as this doesn’t increase Blood Sugar level too fast.

Beetroot Juice: Due to the high glycemic levels, beetroot reduces the amount of blood sugar levels drastically. It is one of the most recommended healthy juices for diabetic patients and so can be consumed either cooked or raw. It also reduces fat levels in the body and so, in turn, has dual effects on your body.

Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate is one of the sweetest fruits we have and this is a good juice for diabetic patients? Yes! This sweet fruit has no effects on blood sugar levels and even prevents one of the effects of Diabetes which is the hardening of Arteries. Moreover, the fruit is rich in antioxidants which help in protecting the tissues and organs from various ill effects. This is surely one of the best juice to be consumed.

Green Juice: Green Juice is one of the ultimate beneficial juices we have for Diabetes patients. Green Vegetables contain nutrients and fibre that control the amount of Blood Sugar without losing energy. Though there are no fixed vegetables for this juice, yet you can add bitter melon, spinach. asparagus, celery and green apple for the added benefits. If you like your juice to have some taste, then add half a teaspoon of salt, turmeric and Chat Masala.

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