5 Different Ways Of Using A Shampoo


5 Different Ways Of Using A Shampoo


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How are you all? I know I had been notoriously away from this place for lonnggg. I really can’t tell you how my last year of graduation is keeping me busy with projects, presentations and so many tests to give for placements 😛 I know you guys miss me and I miss you too :*

Coming to today’s topic, I think you will love this unique article of 5 different ways to use the regular shampoo other than having a squeaky clean head. Wanna know some unique way? Read on!


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So, presenting here a list of ways with which you can put your otherwise vain shampoo to use other than your hair:


You can use shampoos for washing delicate clothes when you run out of liquid detergents (like Ezee) and it does a good job. shampoos work effectively well on tough stains, like you can just apply some undiluted shampoo directly on the stain and wash it off later on. I also wash my stuffed toys at home and I use shampoos for that.

As a Hand Wash:

Shampoo works pretty well as a hand wash, just fill the empty hand wash bottle with 1/4th amount of antiseptic like Savlon/Dettol and fill the rest with some shampoo which lathers well. It makes for a nice hand wash and that too anti bacterial.

Hand/Foot Soak:

Now, this is not something new, I am sure a lot of people use shampoos in pedicures or manicures. I add some fragrant oil/bath salt +shampoo to a tub of water and often create a foot/hand soak at home this way. In the same manner, it can also be used as a bubble bath.


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Clean brushes and combs:

You can wash your makeup brushes in a mild/baby shampoo and it works pretty fine without harming the brushes. For hygiene purpose, I often wash my hair comb/hair brush every week and I use a water+shampoo solution for that.


Shampoo can be diluted with some water and used for cleaning things like glass tables, mirrors, houseplants, delicate show pieces, crockery, rugs, carpets, refrigerators, microwaves or just about anything you can think of. Car owners might be very well aware of using shampoos for car wash. My dad and I often give our car a shampoo bath 😉

What about you? How differently do you use your shampoos?

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