5 Disney Characters You Wanted To Turn Up Into



5 Disney Characters You Wanted To Turn Up Into

The Disney world plays a major role in our growing up. I watched Disney movies over and over again until I could recite the lines all my myself without any help. I dreamt of a fairytale life, living in castles, fighting for good, mysterious adventures, a loving “true love” and definitely beautiful clothes and shoes.

Minnie Mouse


minnie mouse disney character


Whenever I think of her, I think of her pretty trademark bows, cute frocks, peppy peep toes, basically elegance and cuteness merged together. Minnie’s favorite color is red, as she is seen in them most of the times and red happens to be my most favorite color too. And the connection clicked from there. Her dresses are always cute, flirty and so girly, and that’s what I wanted to look like when I grow up..(oohh..not the ears and nose like her). Moreover the dress style which she is seen in is kind of a skater dress which is again my favorite. I feel this style is a universally flattering style. Then come her favorite polka dots. Again a flattering design, very summery, very girly.



cinderella disney character


“Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince, she only wanted a night off, gorgeous dress and shoes”

Princess isn’t all about pinks. Yes, and Cinderella speaks my mind. I love the choice of baby blue as the major color. Baby blues can also be pretty and girly. Too impressive fairy Godmother, you definitely have a good choice. She looked very classy, elegant, beautiful and feminine.
And then come the glass shoes. Now I don’t really like the idea of a glass shoe on myself, and there I used to imagine some shinny yet classy high heels on me.



disney characters She-RA


No wonder I love sleeping beauty, but I love “Mistress of all the evil” too. Most of the time, the princess, who is the protagonist, gets all the love and attention, but I was equally attentive to her step mom. That artistic horn shaped hat, the dramatic black cape complemented with stunning cocktail ring and perfectly done eyes and lips used to blew my mind. She was sharp, chic and very stylish in her own special way. I used to tie a black table cloth around my neck and walk on my bed assuming it to be the stage and deliver her monologues. I still get chills.



Maleficent disney character


The woman of substance and immense power, she soon became the style icon of Disney land. Love her off shoulder short white dress with gold detailing in the front. So classy. From the head piece to the choker, from the arm guards to the sexy boots, everything looked soo fascinating. Her long hair was what I loved the most.

Snow White


Snow White beutiful disney character


I was called by this name in school. As we all know, this avant-grade beauty with porcelain skin and short black hair found respite in the hands of seven dwarfs. I could relate so much with her.

Her choice of dress was a simple yet pretty blue and yellow gown with red patch works and a complementary red bow. Love her corset upper part and the A-line silhouette. My favorite colors too.

She loved animals and I love animals too.

She had her step mother as the villain of the story, and my villain in childhood days was my Maths teacher.

She had the seven dwarfs as her friends and I too had five friends and papa-maa who were no less than best friends.

So many similarities that I had to think myself to grow like her.

Who is your favorite Disney character?

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