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Hiya Girls

Its been a while  since I did any write up for Wise She.I just got  done with my exams , went to my grandma’s place  for a break ,ate a lot of food, gained zero weight , fooled around in malls for a week or so :P. Its good to do nothing but then I don’t know how to sit ideal and got on with my DIY Anarkali posts 🙂

The part 1 of this post is here .These dresses were delivered a week ago. Tailor  messed up a bit and hence did some alteration .Now they are ready to be showcased here 🙂

anarkali suit Indian+different DIY Anarkali suits


Of the yellow, pink and purple only two could materialize. Hopefully the purple finds its color companion soon. Anarkalis have become a mini rage here. Girls are taking to ethnic wear. Personally,I am damn bored of wearing jeans,tees and kurtis/tunics and  I got so many of them. Spills dupatta hassles and the heavy drapes can be a bit daunting but if we choose to wear them light, accessorize smartly then we got a winner.

The colors I explored this time are Baby pink and Purple.Dark pink and  Yellow are previous investments of mine and  I loved all the four :). To begin with I  am someone who loves colors.Embroidery , maggam work, zardosi are something I rarely retort to. One of my buys had heavy crystal work running from shoulder to arm pits . And when worn the darn thing leaves a rash on the arms and I have to keep tucking the dupatta into the hinge of my arm. It was terrible managing the dress and was an emergency buy . Yes, I spent a handsome amount for it . What a waste :DUH: I am sure most of you girls might have experienced this. Its feasible to create a winsome dress if we choose colors carefully.

So I choose  my dresses primarily  based on color. Most of the merchandise I  have seen in stores do have intricate work using sequins,crystals,gold threads but I  never  liked their finish. Either the stones don’t sit well or the threads  keeps  hanging  out here and there spoiling the whole look.It looks patchy and unsophisticated.  But recently, I got to visit a workshop in my area . The guy in these happened to do excellent work using stones. No edges sneaking out and clumsy work. Am planning a dress with him and will put it up on Wiseshe soon.

For now, its these.

Dark Pink


DIY Anarkali suits+Anarkali suits+India bridal makeup +




I fear this would turn out to be my favorite dress ever. The pink is just lovely. I fooled around with an idea to team this with purple as the dupatta  had a hint of purple but I never found a proper shade so I settled with brownish black .But they got along like a house on fire.I set this up with a net dupatta and lined it with the same black border. Awesome. I usually use a brooch ( as shown in pic ) to gather the dupatta together and pin it up to the dress. No dupatta mess anymore 🙂

Cost ?

2.5 mts pink cloth @ 250 per mt.
Patch 1mt @ 155 per mt
Dupatta 2.25 mts @ 80 odd something
Making charges 350/-
Dupatta border charges 120/-
I already own a pink chudi. So didn’t make another one.

Cheap. Ain’t it ? But it looks like a million dollars.

Baby Pink

pink anarkali suit design+PINK Anarkali suit+

This was my mum’s choice. She loved it so much and when I  protested she shoved  me aside and told me sternly ” if you won’t wear it i would gift it to your cousin “. Well, I couldn’t say anything then:P .Her choice was right 🙂 Its a simple umbrella cut with shimmer piping on neckline.The flair is simple with …I don’t know the work and how to describe this. We get “piko” done on sarees and dupattas to tie up ends thats what this is. Do tell me the word for this. It leaves a wavy pattern and I  love the way it swishes.

I bought a baby pink brooch for this.

Cost ?

2.5mts baby pink @ 150 per mt
2.25 mts Chiffon dupatta @ 120 odd something
Making charges 350/-
Dupatta border charges 120/-


yellow anarkali suit /+Indian bridal suits+anarkali suit design

This is the same as dark pink dress and in  just different color. I bought 3 different patches for this-Purple,Green and Yellow. Used these on the yoke and flair.I did not find a dupatta for this yet .Any color suggestions for this will be appreciated 🙂  If you see my part 1 post you can see the purple I  bought supposing  to turn it into a dupatta but God! its a very strong color and completely dominates the whole look. I want to look yellow in this dress and not like a purple bird so am thinking yellow for dupatta. what say ?

Cost ?

2.5 mts pink cloth @ 250 per mt.
Patch 1/2 mt @ 155 per mt ( each 3 colors )
Making charges 350/-


purple anarkali suit design+Purple design

This is  a complex color. After some hunting I found green to be the winner. My original sketch was a green patch on bosom, green border on sleeves . The flair would have green and red borders but the dress maker messed it up. She used red on sleeves and the neckline and I  wanted this to be a Anarkali not an umbrella cut. The material was not very flowy and an umbrella cut would make me look heavy on the bottom side .She did what I  never asked her to.Result-DISASTER . But ,yes if your dress maker is half drunk at 11 am in morning he/she does the contrary to what we direct them to .It went 2 operations post delivery. What you see is the final look…For me its like a dimwitted snob which has so much potential to be a marvel.

For the lining i bought a self printed shiny material. It looks through the net and adds a sober shine which I love.The green is a Benaras material.

Cost ?

Purple net 3 mtrs @ 90 per mt

Lining 3 mtrs @ 120 per mt

Green patch 1 mtr @ 350 per mt

Red ½ mt @ 155 per mt

Bottom purple 2.5mtrs @ 120 per mt

Making charges for dress and dupatta 350+120

It would have looked charming  if she would have listened to me 🙁

Yellow Block Prints

Indian daily wear suits+block print yellow

The frail looking yellow cotton ( sorry for its appearance.Not pressed yet ) with leaf block prints is my Einstein idea :P. There is a block printing unit in my area. My mum drags me there often because  i got a knack for picking good colors and block prints. ( if anyone wants me to share the sari prints I will ).On one such occasion I saw this beautiful leaf mould/block. So I got it printed on a yellow cloth in a slanting way. It sports a high neck and a concealer zip off-center. It goes well with jeans too.


yellow cloth @ 60 per mt
block print 50/-
Making charges 120/-

New Ventures

I will try to make my next dresses with  little more complex colour. Few among them are a red soft net,a multicolored green ,the pink with circular rounds and a multicolor bordered pink.When am done with these it would be a DIY 3 post . 😛

Self-designing involves a lot of time and effort. But ,if you are good at colors and have a sharp eye its not a tough job to do.. Its well worth the money. Best part is  you choose your colors . Finding the proper dress maker is crucial and  I am sure you agree with me on that 🙂

Till my next post

Ciao girls.


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  1. You are really talented and creative .i am in love with the yellow one. i guess you can pair it with a green dupatta or something tie and die dupatta in green and yellow both with purple border..

  2. i loved the dakr pink and purple..this is quite an effort for a person like me 😀 and by the way i never knew stitching is so cheap here in Hyderabad..

  3. Reddy girl…these are just AWESOME…MARVELOUS…SUPERB !!!

    You mentioned your tailor in SAinikpuri..is it Medha Designers? I stay in ECIL..please tell me where is this tailor…Sonu is too far for me…and where is this block printing unti you speak of..? Give me the details jaldi se…planning to get something done for the new years..

  4. loved all of them reddyyyyyy 🙂 :-* u r too gud yaar :inlove: i tooo do this kind of things in my holidays mostly wit sareessss…y pay a bomb wen v can get it dirt cheap right??? :highfive: i m luking forward to many many more n this is for u :clap-n-jump:

    • thankiess pavani. i can’t gather courage to spend a bomb when i “know” that a little effort would save me a lot of money :). where is venkatadri theater ? u mean in dilsukhnagar area ? my cousins live there. driving is such a pain there. i really get scared of all those people 🙂

  5. OMG! such lovely designs…i dont een kno which to pick as my fav…i luv the dark pink one…and the blue-green one…but baby pink is a classic shade…and the yellow ones neck style is priceles….Arrrgghhh!!! which to pick?!?!?!?

  6. very pretty. the pink & purple ones are my favs too..

    btw, i am always looking for a good tailor (just like everyone else :wallbash: :wallbash: )..any good tailor around the madhapur/gachibowli area?..

    • can u go to parklane ?? there is a dress maker called RR Tailors besides Taruni . he’s good. Charges a 100 more than usual rates. i got my dresses done there . was satisfied.

      • RR tailors…yeah i tried that tailoring unit..he charged more compared to others and stitches my dresses super tight at the wrong places…never went back to him…

        • yea. i faced the same issue with him. they don’t seem to have gotten over that “body hugging ” trend. i went few days ago to enquire about anarkali. he said 1200 /- . my mum dragged me away. i would like to try him again though. by giving him a sample dress for the measurements instead of actual measurements. sometimes giving a dress as sample helps. ‘cos he sticks to it

          • Is it..thanks for the idea…will pick up a PERFECT fit dress and ask him to do it..waise if i have to get a kalidaar kurta with 2 different pieces of cloth, what is the estimated cloth length i need to get?

            • I buy 3 mtrs for the kalidhar. if u want the patch for the bosom,sleeves and flair i would say 1 mtr minimum. better to ask tailor. cos it depends on your design

  7. hey thanks girls 🙂 Glad you like them all.

    @ zara – was away from computer a bit. had some fun. just back from a movie called “journey” . good one. how have u been ?

    @ anamika – ans there are tailors who charge hefty. i choose ’em based on how “grand” my dress is 🙂 . the rates i mentioned are normal rates. maybe u should explore in your area. Cost of living is low in Hyderabad compared to delhi 😀 . i dont pay a 1000 for a 500 dress 🙂

    @appu-i dunno any in your area girl. There are many in parklane who would do a dress. u can explore there.

    @ mitra- yea girl i live in sainikpuri. Medha means the smoking guy besides bhavan’s school ? well , i tried him earlier. Didn’t set well. these were done by a boutique in 5th avenue. but the tailor left the boutique 🙁 . You can go to sree designs in canara bank lane

  8. Reddy….yes the one at nirmal nagar…opp to army college…sree designs in canara bank lane..hmm..will check that out…does he stitch every pattern whatever you ask him to?

  9. block printing is in the same lane as sree designs. its sisira fashions. for a sari she charges a 300/-. for a dress it depends on what you want to get printed -like a dupatta or a dress or just the top. for the yellow i showed in this post it was 50 bucks 🙂

      • BTw a neighbor told me about a LKS tailor in AS Rao Nagar . he does the anarkali for a 650/- she said. even a +100 is a good deal. but i didn’t put effort to find him. maybe i will ask her his contact number. will let u know

  10. Ooh they are some lovely dresses Reddy!!
    I especially loved the first one, the yellow one and the Royal blue one…great picks! 🙂 I love the brooch part too, where did you get them??
    For the Yellow one, I would suggest a gorgeous Silk dupatta, at Hyderabad Central (in case you live in Hyd) They have these crush Silk dupattas and I do recall seeing one in the exact same green as your dress….plus it is a combination of Greena nd gold, double colour sorts so I think it’ll go perfectly with the dress and not steal the Yellow’s thunder 🙂

    • you got the point keerti about me being obstinate about the yellow dominance. will check out the central. yea, me in good old Hyderabad 🙂

    • my bro lives in the US. he sent them last time around. ‘cos i don’t wear a sari i could not use ’em. Now that am wearing a lot of ethnic wear i found these to be of good use for the dupatta. i got loads of ’em..maybe like a 20 🙂

  11. the first pink one is so pretty. Reddy, I so agree with you that finding a proper tailor is so important. Grrr….. I have had many disasters of my favorite dress materials… 🙁 🙁

  12. wow,,each of them is so pretty 🙂 designing your own stuff is so fun na 🙂 🙂
    dark pink and the purple one are simply gorgeous 🙂 I loved the block print kurta too,, casual yet pretty 🙂

  13. loved all of them Reddy.. where do u buy materials in Hyd and where do u get them stitched… pls do let me know.. i too am from Hyd..

  14. ohh my!!! amazing colors reddy.Nvr knew the tailors stich Anarkalis also :silly: ‘ll ask the tailors here now. 😀 n i luved the pink n purple wala. lovely ensembles i must say. :inlove:

  15. Amazing collection !!where do u buy materials in Hyd and where do u get them stitched? pliz lemee know as am also from hyd ::))))))))
    where iz raang manch located ?

    what do u call these material i mean the polka dot i.e baby pink colored dress? lemee know


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