5 DIY Hair Packs You must Try this Winter


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Winter season is round the corner.The chilly weather can create a havoc on your hair.Keep your traces silky and lustrous with the following DIY hair masks. Here, I have compiled some great home made hair mask which is highly beneficial for hair to keep them hydrated and moisturized. Keep on scrolling to know more.

winter hair care tips

Fenugreek Seed Hair Pack for soft and Bouncy Hair

fenugreek seeds

Hair Fall is surely one of the most common concerns which bothers men and women equally. The level of excessive hair fall has been increasingly progressing and it is really alarming to see the amount of hair in the comb each day!

Fenugreek contains protein, vitamin c, niacin, potassium, fibre, calcium, phosphorous, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, alkaloid trigonelline, choline, essential oil, saponin, fixed and volatile oil, mucilage, bitter extractive and a yellow colouring substance.

Protein Hair Packs For Dull Hair

egg for hair

Protein for hair is very much important. Though hair is mostly made of protein, but an extra boost of protein will make it better. Protein smoothens the cuticle of the hair, creating smoother strands and stronger hair. It also makes hair strong and prevents breakages. So today we will be sharing 5 protein hair pack recipes  with you all.

Proteins rich for hair growth are a must. Soybeans are used for smooth, soft, and shiny hair. Soya extracts tend to reduce another disease-causing baldness, called alopecia areata. You can apply soy bean juice onto the hair regularly for three months to get the desired results.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Dry & Frizzy Hair

mayonnaise and egg for hair

Mayonnaise has eggs and oil which gives shine to hair, make them strong and add extra protective layer of moisture. You can use it as many times as you wish since it is free from any kind of chemical. I remember when I was 9-10 year old  my mom use to give me mayonnaise hair treatment to get rid of lice. This is because mayonnaise have oil which suffocates the lice and without using those harsh chemical shampoos my hair were free from lice. So all mommies who want their kids hair to get rid of lice must try out this pack on them.

Yoghurt and egg hair conditioner with step by step pictures

egg & yogurt for hair care

We woman try many market hair conditioner to get those soft hair and shiny hair. They do help but with them our hair needs extra conditioning too. Below hair conditioner promises shiny and soft hair after using it for the first time. It is quiet easy to make this conditioner and in fact I always enjoy making it. All ingredients of this conditioner are pretty much available in the market at minimal cost.

Hair Mask Homemade Hair Mask With Olive Oil And Honey

honey and olive oil for skin

Olive oil and honey are a great way to boost the shine and moisture level of hair.One just needs two ingredients and half an hour of time to get back the lost shine.

To make the mask take a bowl and add 5 tbsp. of olive oil in it.Five tbsp.are enough for shoulder length hair if you have long hair then you can add more oil.


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