5 Easy Eyemakeup With Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Covetable Cobalt


5 Easy Eyemakeup With Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Covetable Cobalt

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be sharing some easy-peasy eyemake-up looks using Maybelline Eyestudio quad in Covetable Cobalt. Ayushi has already reviewed the quad with an outstanding EOTD. I am still in awe with your EOTD Ayu.

Anyway, my looks aren’t that gorgeous, but nothing wrong to try and experiment I guess.. 😉

1. For the first one what I did is a simple “eyeliner look” where I have lined my lower lashline with the bright blue eye shadow from the pallet.


eye makeup with maybelline covetable cobalt

2. In the second method I started with the same way and applied the bright blue eye shadow all over the lid.


blue eye makeup look



3. In the third one, I have applied a dirty bronze from my sleek pallet on the inner corner and the fourth shadow from “Covetable Cobalt” on the outer corner of the eye. Rolled the brush in the bright blue and then in a green from the same sleek pallet and lined my lower lashline extending outwards. Took the white silver from the quad and applied a thin stroke of line between the upper liner and lower liner.


bronze and blue eye makeup



4. Applied the shimmery white on brown bone and inner corners of eyes. Then applied the bright blue on the centre of the lid and blended outwards with the fourth shade of the quad which is a black. I extended the shadows outwards for a dramatic look.


dramatic blue eye makeup look



5. The fifth look I am sharing starts with the shimmery white on browbone, the bright blue on the lid , a moss green on the crease and a purple on the outer corners. The moss green and purple are from Sleek pallets.


moss green purple and blue eyemakeup


This is my first attempt with such a liner look and moreover, couldn’t find my gel liner thus had to use liquid liner instead, and result is the uneven lines…Pardon me please 🙁

Let me know your thoughts ..Thanks 😀

What style of eye makeup are you planning to try?

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