5 Easy Hair Braids Which I am Fond Of


You recently must have noticed few easy hair styles done by me or some of the WiseShe writers. I am kind of getting obsessed with braids especially in summer season. It going to be the coolest trend around. Previously braids were limited to kids only but not anymore.This year we are seeing lot many celebrities roping the trend in their look.

Below are few of my favourite hair braids which are simple, easy and you don’t need to have lush hair. I often wear them when I have skipped washing my hair or when they are unmanageable on that particular day.

 Braided Bun– This is something similar to what I did here . Mine was over head plait though.

braids buns

Side Bun  – In this, one has to keep twisting their hair till the end and make simple every day braid. One has to close the braid in the end giving it a bun. I have done this here.

braids ideas easy

French Braids – Since the time I have learnt making these, I have almost forgotten how to make the regular braid. You can learn the art here . Whosoever meets me asks me how I did it. When I tell them, they find it so complicated but thing is with regular practice one can do it in minutes.

french braids ideas

This cute three thin braids on top looks so chick. One can make them on open hair or make a bun at the back. Either way these work well. I don’t know the name. May be you can tell me what this style is called.

hair braids ideas for girls

Last but not the least.I would love to do this on my daughter. I wish she grows up fast so that I could do all kind of styling on her :)..Love being a mommie of a baby girl 🙂

hair braids ideas for  kids

Do let me know what kind of hair braids you like.


P.S – We at WiseShe are waiting for a very special news. Just keeping fingers crossed 🙂

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  1. i loveeeee braids………… dey luk so chic wid summer dresses…. but my braid doesnt remain for long idhar udhar se itne kate hua hai 😛

  2. i loveeeee braids………… dey luk so chic wid summer dresses…. but my braid doesnt remain for long idhar udhar se itne kate hua hai 😛

  3. I love braids, n during my childhood , my mom use to try different types of braids on me as i had long straight hair. I love the normal one, french one , side braid . But abhi toh I have layers cut n also not so long hair.
    I loved all the new styles shown above.
    Hi all , actualy Iam in my in-laws place so it becomes impossible for me to come online. :-))

  4. I love braids but mujhe banane nai aati.. my sista is expert… woh banati hai kabhi kabhi mere hair mein :-))

    Love the last braid of the baby…so cute she luks :blush:


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