5 Easy Homemade Face Mask DIY Recipes



5 Easy Homemade Face Mask DIY Recipes

Face packs are pretty common in our skin care regimes. People have been using facial masks as skin care products since ages. Remember how our mother used to run after us with bowl of some ubtan. We used to run for life then, shouted at Maa for applying those on our face and body.
A few days ago I discussed about the benefits of facial masks, today I’ll be sharing some easy homemade face mask DIY recipes. Though there are products easily available in the market, but there is nothing like homemade ones.

So here go the recipes

Egg mask


egg white skin care


Take an egg and separate the yolk from the white portion. Add 1-2 drops of lemon or honey to it. Lemon if you have oily skin and honey if you have dry skin. Wipe your face with warm cloth to open your pores. You can steam as well. Beat the egg white until it becomes fluffy. Apply some of the egg white on your face in circular upward motions. Avoid the eye area. Cut few tissue papers and apply them on your face over the egg. Press firmly so that the tissue paper sticks to your skin. Apply another coat of egg white mix, wait for a minute or two and apply the final coat. Let it dry and gently peel off. Wash the egg white and tissue residues off of your face and moisturize as usual. This mask will tighten your skin and pores and will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and most importantly, blackheads free.

Coffee and Cocoa Face pack


Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask_cofee powder+homemade face mask


Take 2 tsp of coffee powder in a bowl. Add 2 tsp of cocoa powder and yoghurt according to the thickness you want, I normally add it in the ratio of 1:1:2 for coffee: cocoa: yoghurt. Add 1 tsp honey. Mix all the ingredients well to form a semi thick paste. Keep it in the fridge for some time. Just apply on your face straight from the fridge, and enjoy the cooling sensation and yummy smell till it dries. Then wash off with a washcloth and normal water. The pack will tighten skin, remove tan and give you fresh and bright skin. It also will remove the small whiteheads forming on cheeks.

Almond pack


almond pack for dry skin


Great for moisturizing and removing tan.

Take almonds and crush them .You can powder some 50 grams of almonds and store them in an air tight container. Making powder of four almonds is little difficult. Add 1tbsp each of gram flour, milk and lemon juice to the crushed almonds. Mix well. Apply it on your face for 10-20 minutes and wash it off with water.

Orange and Brown Sugar


DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+moisturising scrub


Take a few orange bulbs and a teaspoon brown sugar. Blend them both and apply on face for 5-10minutes and wash your face with cold water for a clean healthy looking skin. Always apply fruit packs on clean skin. While applying try to relax yourself as the pulp gets slippery and slides off from face. Always wear some old tee so that you need not worry about staining clothes. Apply the mask to neck portion also so that it shows difference evenly.

Mint and cucumber


cuucmber for under eyes


Wash the cucumber and cut it in pieces. Put them together with the milk powder, yogurt and mint leaves in a food processor and mix until you have a nice smooth substance. Spread this gently and equally with your fingertips or with a cotton ball on your clean face and neck. Now lie down, relax and leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with a warm wet wash cloth and warm water, end with a splash of cold; pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Finally apply a moisturizer. The pack soothes summer rash and removes tan.

Face masks are very relaxing. You skin and body needs a time out, so apply face packs, put on some nice music and have some fun time pampering yourself.

Have you tried any of these homemade masks?

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