5 Easy Homemade Walnut Scrubs Recipe


5 Easy Homemade Walnut Scrubs Recipe

We all want our skin to be clean and polished, and scrubbing plays a crucial role in getting fresh, smooth, healthy and glowing skin.

Walnut infused scrub is the first scrub that I used in my life. Thanks to Everyuth and Ayur and their huge popularity in those days. Walnut is one of our favorite scrubbing ingredients. Isn’t??

Walnut infused scrubs are easy to make at home; quick, fun and definitely effective.




Listing my top favorite walnut infused scrub recipes here. End to tired and dull face is just steps away:-

Yogurt and Walnut face scrub

Mix beaten yogurt and ground walnut together. Make sure the walnut granules are neither very big, nor very fine. Apply this scrub once to twice a week for that impeccable glow. You can also use the pack for body scrubbing. It will scrub off the dead cells, and the curd will help in removing tan.

Honey, Oil (of your choice) and Walnut face scrub

Take a spoon full of each honey and the oil of your choice. I prefer olive or sesame oil. You can go for almond or coconut as well, whatever you feel like. Mix the honey and oil and put some walnut dust in it. Again, make sure the granules are of right size. Massage on skin and body for beautiful glowing and polished skin.

Sugar and Walnut scrub

This is one of my favorites. Take sugar and walnut granules on your palm and add few drops of lemon. Rub your hands and apply it on face and neck in circular movements.

Parsley and Walnut scrub

Chop parsley, place them in a bowl and pour boiling water into it, leave to steep for about 10-20 minutes, mash them and add fuller’s earth and ground walnut. Mix them well and massage this gently on face and body. Leave it till the pack completely dries, sprinkle some lukewarm water and gently scrub again. Wash off. Skin will be clean, soft and smooth. Don’t forget a moisturiser afterwards.

Oatmeal and walnut scrub

Take equal amounts of oatmeal and grounded walnut, mix them well with glycerin and empty a Vitamin E capsule into it. Massage on face and neck. Wash off with lukewarm water.

These were some of my favorites. Try and experiment with different ingredients to see which suits you best. But remember, don’t overdo with scrubbing.

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Do you use walnuts for your skin care?

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