5 Easy Tips For Long & Healthy Hair


5 Easy Tips For Long & Healthy Hair


Flowing long hair…..we love them. It is considered very difficult to get long hair and maintaining it seems even harder. With good care, you can get the much-desired long locks. You don’t need to do anything bothersome. Just a few simple tips can save your hair.



tips for long hair

Read on to bust some of your hair-myths-

Regular Trims

Most of us have heard about this. But still we shy away from trimming as it compromises the length. But let me tell you that if you don’t get your hair trimmed regularly then split ends will not let your hair grow. Just get the ends trimmed and your hair will grow at a higher speed. Hair grow 1.5 cm per month on an average and you need trimming only once in 3 months. You will see better growth. And girls if you don’t have split ends then you are lucky and can increase the time between trims.

Style with care

The importance of heat-protecting products cannot be emphasized more for the girls who style their hair using heat-tools. It is especially essential for girls who style their hair on a regular basis. These serums protect the moisture of your hair and prevent them from drying-out and breakage.
Also always remember that when you use a blow dryer, do not make your hair completely dry using that. Let them get damp and let the natural-air do the rest of the work.

One more point to take note of is to use good hair colours. Colours are not bad for your hair if you get them on your hair in a good salon. Also do not try to be miss-know-it-all and colour your hair yourself rather take services of a good hair dresser. Use right products for colour-care and your hair will grow normally.


It is essential to keep your hair clean and free of any built-up at all times. For this you may need to wash your hair frequently or even daily. Don’t get scared of washing your hair daily as it does not take away the natural moisture of your hair. It is better to take the pains of washing your hair daily rather than suffering from hair-loss.

The trick here is to use a mild shampoo at all times. It is not possible to go chemical-free but invest in a good shampoo and try to go sulphate-free.

Don’t be Over product-ive

All I mean is that do not buy every hair product you see. Or even if you buy hair care products for every single need, don’t put all of them together on your hair. Let your hair breathe easy. A shampoo is always a must but you can make permutations and combinations of the rest of the products like oil, mask, conditioner and tonnes of sprays.

Supply More Nutrients

Include some biotins and other vitamin supplements in your hair-care routine. These will replenish the nutrients that you don’t get from your food. But don’t be totally dependent on supplements and make your food nutrient-rich. Include fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and nuts in your diet. All these work together to make your hair long and healthy.

Any more tips on hair care you have to share with us?

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