5 Effective Face Serum Available In India


5 Effective Face Serum Available In India

We are always on the lookout for beauty products that will give us flawless skin and make us age gracefully. Serum for a face care is like a facial tonic that gives your facial skin a healthy boost.

To get the best results for gorgeous-looking skin, along with your cleanser, toner and moisturizer, add a face serum to your daily skin care routine.

So today I’ll be listing down 5 effective face serums that are available in India.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum

Price & Quantity: 1499/- FOR 30 ml.

The serum is a pearly white color with a thin, runny consistency. One needs about 2pumps to cover face and neck area. Now you can use this alone or before applying your moisturizer, but since it is a serum, it doesn’t contain any SPF. The formula of this serum is light and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I use it after my Clarins sunscreen and it does not make my face oily. It gives a nice radiance to the face without being over the top. One of the main ingredients is glycolic acid (AHA). With regular use I guess this liquid light technology that it is made of will enhance and refine the skin for a more even looking skin tone. Overall I would say this is a nice serum. It is the secret to an even and luminous complexion.

Kaya Antox Vitamic C Formula Skin:

Kaya AntOx Vit C formula refine & renew+Vitamin c serum beenfits+serum vitamin c

Price & Quantity: 1899 for 30 ml

It is a non-oily, easily absorbing anti-oxidants gel based on Vitamin C. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient with numerous benefits. It is widely used in cosmetics because it can counteract free radicals responsible for premature skin aging along with dark spots and wrinkle reduction properties. This product is in gel form and has a non-oily formula thus making it very apt for those with oily and sensitive skin. The texture is like water so squirt it into a cupped palm. It evens out skin and reduces pigmentation.

Lotus Phyto RX Whitening & Brightening Serum:

Lotus Phyto RX Whitening & Brightening Serum Packaging

Price & Quantity: Rs. 395.00 for 30ml

The serum comes in a thick glass bottle and has a cap which has a vacuum glass dropper attached to it. Do get the serum out one just need to twist the cap open and vacuum mechanism works to get the product inside the dropper, now just press the transparent button like feature on the cap to pump out the serum. A single pump out sufficient for each usage. It has the perfect consistency like that of a serum, neither too thick nor too runny. The white colored serum easily spreads and sinks into skin without many efforts. This concentrated serum does everything that it claims. With the very first usage, you will notice the smoothness in skin. It makes skin incredibly smooth and also lightens spots & even outs skin. The serum leaves my skin very moisturized and at times I tend to skip my moisturizer. It has not broken me out or any allergic reaction.

L’oreal White Perfect Laser Essence:

Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence Review Package+professional skin care

Price & Quantity: Rs 1,400.00 for 30ml

The product claims to reduce the spots in 8 weeks because of its active ingredient ellagic acid, but only with regular use. Apart from this, it acts by blocking the melanin production and prevents the recurrence of dark spots, makes your skin more radiant and the pores are less visible. Though available at a hefty price of 1299INR, it works wonders on your skin. I am not saying that you would turn into a princess overnight but yes with regular use you can see the results and notice the difference.

Olay White Radiance Advanced Fairness Intensive Brightening Serum:

Price & Quantity: 1299/- FOR 50 ml. You can buy it online.

From first use, skin looks brighter with dark spots & uneven tone visibly reduced. With regular use, tackle hidden whitening issues for natural, luminous fairness from deep within. It is very hydrating and gets absorbed within seconds.

Have you tried any of these Face Serums?

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