5 Essential Oils For Home Fragrance


5 Essential Oils For Home Fragrance

Everyone one longs for a soothing surrounding. Have you ever noticed, why you feel so relaxed and refreshed from inside when you visit a religious place? Well, the smelling power is certainly one of the five senses which control the mental well being and happiness of a person internally.

Essential Oil treatment

Until now we have known about so many essential oils on Wiseshe and their significance in enhancing the beauty aspects, but today we will be talking about the essentials oils which are perfect for creating a soothing fresh fragrance at your home.

Essential oil are highly concentrated and the purest form of oil. They are extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots etc. of various plants using distillation technique. There are a wide array of essential oils available like lavender oil, rosemary, sandalwood, eucalyptus etc.


Organic Harvest Jasmine Essential oil

Jasmine flower is called The Queen of Night which means its extraordinary essence becomes much stronger during the night time. It is basically an oil with high therapeutic value which tends to heal the body and mind magically. It is also considered great for balancing the female system effectively. It is majorly believed to bring about joy and euphoria and subsequently combat stress and tension. Diffusing few drops of jasmine essential oil at home will lead to a better concentration.


Sandalwood is easily traceable due to its pleasant woody fragrance. It is symbolic of calming the senses. It is a pre-dominant part of the Hindu worship and is often applied on the forehead during performing the auspicious rituals. It is largely used in incense sticks for home fragrance.  It is also used as a relaxing agent in time of acute stress. Sandalwood is also great for calming one mind and sexual properties.



This essential oil finds place in so many products which are used for home fragrance. It has pleasing strong smell and is quite soothing to the stressed mind. Lavender also aids in treating minor health issues like cold, headache, fever etc. It is an active ingredient in so many bath & body products these days. It is also widely used during aromatic spa sessions to relax the senses.  Many massage therapists use it to help relax their clients. Lavender essential oil as home fragrance assures a good night’s sleep without much stress.


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Rose essential oil has many beauty benefits. It is also a symbolic essential oil mostly for women. Rose essential oil is quite pricey as it takes a lot of rose flowers to extract the essential oil from it. It is mainly used for refreshing the self and relive the mind from anxiety or stress. It aids in blood circulation and also effective in preventing heart diseases. It is certainly a must have home fragrance.


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As we all are aware, Eucalyptus oil is derived from the twigs of the tree. It is largely known for its anti-septic properties. One can easily detect the fragrance with a sniff. It is believed that eucalyptus increases the concentration power of the mind and relives in severe headaches as well. It also relaxes the muscles and relives from muscular pain.

Overall, these five essential oils are undoubtedly some of the best oils which can be used by people to be a prominent part of their home environment by bringing in positive thoughts & energy and easily relieving stress from the mind.

Have you tried any these Essential Oils?

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