5 Eye Makeup Ideas For This Christmas


5 Eye Makeup Ideas For This Christmas

Hello girls,

All set for the Christmas eve and new year party?

So you just got yourself the perfect pair of shoe, a gorgeous dress, thought about the hairstyle & now you are wondering about the makeup!!!

Well why wonder so much when you are a wiseshe reader. We are always up with suggestions to help you out in time such confusions.

This Christmas let your eyes do the talking and lips sing the jingles. Today I shall show you girls some gorgeous eye makeup looks that you can try for this Christmas.

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Come have a look:

Lilac Lids


5 eye makeup ideas for this Christmas- LILAC LIDS

This is a gorgeous look done by the gorgeous Madhubani. She owns gorgeous eyes that many girls might and already have received many compliments for her eye makeup looks. This eye look here is very alluring and lilac shade looks fab & is very versatile. You pair a shiny metallic lilac shade with blues, greens, pinks, purples, blacks or any other choice, quite a versatile color it is to play with various looks. This eye look with pink on crease and makes up for a perfect Christmas party look.

Glitter Glitz


5 eye makeup ideas for this Christmas- GLITTER EYE MAKEUP

While in the fall season bold & dark makeup are always adored, but for the Christmas we have an exception. How about some glitter on lids. This is the eye makeup look that I found on Pinterest and it attracted me a lot. A lot of glitter with slight hints of colors looks really good. You can pick a glitter of your choice, but something with silver is good as it will give you choices of many colors to combine with. Choose a color of eye shadow of your choice to combine with your glitter eye shadow and make the Christmas eve glitter with your eyes.

Color Craze

5 eye makeup ideas for this Christmas- COLORED LIDS

You can ditch the glitters & blacks and bring some color to your lids, not very vibrant colors since v are not looking for holi inspired makeup, just let some subtle colors do the trick for you. This eye makeup look is done by our very own Anamika, she aces the art of eye makeups and has time and again shared her art with us. In this look she has chosen a teal colored eye shadow which really looks adorable. The look is easy to create and will bring many compliments to you.

Sparkley Smokey


5 eye makeup ideas for this Christmas- SPARKLEY SMOKEY EYES

This is my favorite here. I spotted this look on Pinterest and just could not resist from including it here.  The pairing of golden shimmer and black eye shadow looks very perfect here. This eye makeup look could never get you wrong and will be your best bet. Just pair it with nude lips and make head turns with your Sparkley Smokey eye   makeup look.

Subtle Smokey



This is a perfect bet for your Christmas eve, luckily I have a FOTD to show you how you can pair subtle smokey eyes with vibrant red lips. Himani looks very gorgeous here.

These were some gorgeous eye makeup looks suggestions for you to try this Christmas. I hope you like them. Do share your Christmas makeup looks with us and have lots of fun.

Merry Christmas!!!

Which type of eye makeup are you wearing this Christmas?

Image credit – 2 and 4 from pinterest

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  1. every body is being modest here…. madhu. anamika & himani… u rock girls,,, you all give us such pretty looks time nd again


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